Thursday, December 8, 2011


As a girl, i hate to admit that i am insecure. I don't want to be an attention whore or something like that. I actually glad when people say that I am cute, pretty, beautiful, or even hot. Unfortunately those compliments still can't break my mind which blocked by society. I still find my self ugly and fat. Definately disgusting to feel this way. Although they keep telling me that i am not fat, i still think i am. Why society defines beauty that way? I mean skinny, porcelen skin, big boobs, and so on. I personally think, skinny is not sexy or hot. But being fat is not fun. Especially when almost all people around you told you to go on diet but at the same time they asking you to eat alot again and again. I'm fucked everytime.

It's funny when my friends call me "crazy" just because I told them I'm not confident. "You are very confident in everything, how could you say you aren't confident?" one said. Yes, I'm pretty confident as a person, confident to say whatever in my mind, frontal, but not for this one. Because of one word "FAT" I always laying under the shadow. It's depressing.

Sometimes I am mad to girls with great body, not skinny but not fat at all, small size already, but keep whining to loose weight. HELLO! Can't you be thankful for your perfection, I could dying to have a body like yours. Can't you understand, skinny is not beautiful. Raaawr.

Again, call me an attentionseeker, insecure bitch, or whatever you want. But please, if you don't know how it feels to be left just because you're not "perfect" or "fat", don't say such a thing!

Monday, November 21, 2011

On the floor by J-Lo (dance)

Thursday, November 17, 2011

holla, blogger!

Holla everybody, i am so damn sorry for leaving this blog empty. I don't feel interested to write for quite long. I am very fine outside, don't know inside. I am fragile but strong. Contradictive. For many times i feel so lonely then happy then lonely again. I love my friends who stick around when they're able to. But at the moment I don't feel good. Ignorant. I have to find my spirit of life again, to wake up and reaching my dreams.Hope you all my beloved reader getting happier in life. Keep contact with me! love you!

Saturday, October 15, 2011


Friday, October 14, 2011

The Beatles - I want to hold your hand (drama queen version)

LOVE - Joss Stone (cover)

Friday, October 7, 2011

Valerius Band says "Jangan Galau Ya!"

Valerius is a band from The Netherlands. Valerius went to Jakarta, Indonesia, for performing at Java Soulnation 2011 and also promo tour. I did interview with them for Kawanku magazine. As a teaser before their profile come out on the magazine, this video is made. Glad that Valerius fans in Indonesia love it. So, spread it guys!

For more info just click links below :

Ketty Tressianah

Friday, September 23, 2011

Give me your passion!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Guys' love

As a girl, im not that understand about boys, but what I found out just now : when a boy loves a girl he will seriously about it but doesn’t means he will change his life like what girl wants. While as a girl also, I know that sometimes or maybe most of the time we could not stand what really boys think. We do not know if he tells such a lie or the truth. It is happens just in all parts of the world.

Sometimes as a girl I felt such a fool begging for a boy’s honests and hoping he is keeping back on me whatever happens, but then I realized boys will always be boys. They are not that bad. I know they are always looking for other girls, keep doing what they love, keep thinking that girls are burden, but I also know they have such a beautiful love even oftenly we seen it in different ways. What we really wanna shout to them is, “Oh man, can you just tell me what is inside your head and stop messing up?” Well that’s gender always creates.

I want to cry if I see a girl got hurt by a boy, broken heart, the worst thing and the last thing we hope to happen, but that is the greatest teacher in our life. Because we know we will never ever can survive to live without the love. No matter boys or girls. Just it. What the most interesting about our life is wondering about our opposite sex’s mind about. It feels like walking through the door that we never find out what is behind it. Sometimes it fulls of fireworks which so wonderful and other times it fulls of fire that could make us begging to go out of there. We will never know, we will never can guessing. It God’s game.

I had much time confronting boys, blaming them for all mess in girls’ life, until I saw a real love from them. In case he loves a girl so much, he will be hard to be whatever girls want. For example, a party goer guy loves a really great heart it girl, he meant it, he loves her, but could not walk out from the clubs or could not stop attracted by girls, in fact the last thing he wants is losing his girlfriend. What his girl thinks? She is really upset with the way he behaves. What can she does? Absolutely nothing! No offend, that’s what reality reveals.

Until when we, girls, want to dreaming about our perfect prince charming whom riding a white horse? To be honest, we don’t have a bunch of time to keep it going like this. I mean, we are setting our guy to be exactly like what all we want, keeping mind that boys can think the same way we do as a logic, or force our guy to be stick with us like he just see every people are guys and the only girl alive is us. Oh come on, gals! We have to wake up!

I do not saying that all boys are good behind their bad behavior, I mean there are a lot of real bad guys either, but could we please stop pushing our love in relationship as a tie for our guy? We need to trust them, we need to give him chances to show how much he loves us, we need to understand his way of thinking. And definitely we should keep an eye on him as well. We have to make our rules that will not hurt both of us. We need to deal with it. Make it as flexible as it possible. But you are not allowed to be a stupid cat, who just sitting calmly while we know our guy just not love us or keep telling a lie and believe it is a truth although we know it is not, we are not allowed to run away from life or even denying the reality. Such a hardwork, indeed.

Believe me, when he loves you, trust him that he telling the truth, even in someway it will hurt a lot because he still on his way. You someday will figure it out, guys also have a pure love like we dreaming of in a whole life. They have their own way in love matter. That is why we are girls in love with boys. It is complicated, I admit, it also the lovely problem we are fight for. Hahaha. You have no idea, dude!



Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A lesson to learn : LOVE

One thing I would say this time is "I don't believe we are apart." My dreams had flew away to the future and made me believe there would be some years anniversary. Well everyone does the same. How hurts the past curlying my mind. When you gave me some strong sentences which was inspire me. Life must go on.

It didn't feel that painful, but I do lost you. You are the perfect figure, person that I want the most. Maybe that's ironic, how we love someone who hurts us, hurt someone who loves us. I just worried, why I don't have willing to find another person to replace you. Why don't I want to move on instead? I still wishing you will ask me to get back, someday.

These days going pretty fast. We just sometimes talk, but no more passion, like what we did in the past. I should admit, maybe, the past is the farthest in life. The past who always appears but not to be seen. I scared, at the end, we will decide to don't care to each other.

I consider, why I love him the most, not only because he is funny and easy going, he is clever and interesting. I am melted in whatever he is. Although I feel really offended when he was so cold to me. And unfortunately at that time I need someone to hugs me tight. Io would, really, to say "you just there for me, but you haven't figure it out yet." Or maybe that just my hope.

"Why can't we be friends?" Killer question. Yummy! Suddenly I felt few slaps on my cheeks. I was mad, sad, regret, upset, "why we should ONLY be friends when we have feeling more than that?" Or we used to have?

Reality calls...
I remember same quotes from '500 days of Summer' film. Like : "some people are meant to fall to each other but are not meant to be together." Or "people change, feeling change, it doesn't mean that the love once shared wasn't true and real. It simply just means that sometimes when people grow, they grow apart." DANG! It kicks my tummy. I worried I really lost you forever. Because you're the love that I am proud to have without any terms and conditions.

I maybe couldn't stop blaming my self, my character, my habbits, as the causes of my broken heart. I maybe should realise, a relationship that I'm happy and dying for is needs two ways power. I can't afford it alone. Maybe true I am a grumpie one, also the complicated maker, drama queen as well, but I have many others positive things which should be counted.

I am happy, at least we don't lose contact. I would be very sad to lose a FRIEND that really precious in my life, my history. I am living for tomorrow. I absolutely can to move on, but I do not want to do it yet. Yes, honestly, I still LOVE you a lot. And pretending to dont have it again is a lie, and I don't want to be abussive to my own self. The most unique and precious one, me!

For a memories... Dear, I never ever could forget you. Why? Because it was my lessons to be a better me. Apart from we can be together again or not, I won't regret, I've got something to feeding my brain. Have I told u? Memories, you are the most wonderful I ever have.

Haha, I still praying for him and his family like before, I still curious with whatever he likes, I still care to his family. Sincere... I still do.

Yeah, I wishing you and me, fight our drawbacks together, don't give up, like u told me before. HAHAHA. Sorry I just make it getting worse.

Now, this is me. A single lady. Broken heart but not broken brain. Have a great day!

I love my mom!♥

Ketty Tressianah

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Rest In Peace my dearest friend

When i was in Junior High School, my school had Senior High School also. At that time, i had some close friends from Senior High School. We were so close because everyday we were chatting, talking, joking, discussing, texting, or calling. I remember i gave some of them a nickname, such as daddy, uncle, etc. Its been 4 years since i graduated from JHS. I miss them. But what made me miss them more is one of them, one of my close friends dead. He is Januar Yudhistira Pranata Putra. Maybe Indonesian, would know, he is one of three police that killed in Palu, May 25th 2011.

He was very kind in his life. Sincererity. Humble. Religious. Friendly. He is killed by unknown people. The just came by and shooting brutally then my friend and his colleague killed instantly. It just a sad story. Tragic way to die. Hopefully he gets the best place in heaven Rest In Peace my dearest daddy, Yudhi, all of your friends and i always love you.

These are moments when i spending time with him and others.

For all of you who involving this killing action, please choose your target wisely. He just a good police that wouldnt become an obstacle for you. Do you feel proud had been killing a good person for many people?

Saturday, May 21, 2011

i want it!

i really want it again, but i can find it no more... so saad. dont you think this shoe is very gorgeous?

Friday, May 6, 2011

Guess! What is it inside the shoe? hihihi

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Communication theory #1

Hello everybody, for this post im gonna share a worth knowledge about communication. All of this materials are taken from a precious book that i bought in book fair, "YOU ARE THE MESSAGE" by Roger Ailes with Jon Kraushar. Hopefully it helps you for being a better person or even better communicator. Enjoy!


The Good News
Now that I've told you what your goal should be, let me give you the good news. You can become as good as some of the people you admire on TV. And, assessing your skills can be fun, because it helps you to know yourself better. It also improves your relationships with the people around you. In short, it helps you get what you want.
One important note : you can't rely on other people to change themselves to accommodate you. That's a strategy--with your composite message. If there is a misunderstanding between the communicator (you) and the "communicatee" (your audience), it's the communicator's fault. This requires that you take complete responsibility for the flow of communications, wether you're speaking or listening. This is good news, because it empowers you to be, in effect, in charge, of every communications situation you're in. You can change the mood and the flow of the communications exchange.

Bob Hope taught me that lesson when i was young 23-year-old asociate producer of "The Mike Douglas Show." I unexpectedly met Hope when he was on a media tour to promote his book "I Owe Russia Twelve Hundred Dollars." I say unexpectedly because Hope was passing through Cleveland, Ohio, where our then-local shiw was produced, when his publicist suddenly called us to say that the great comedian would appear on your program. In the sort of chance that can make or break young person's career, all the producers senior to me were either ill or out of town on business when we got the chance to have Bob Hope as our star guest. I was so inexperienced that I thought that management would cancel the show rather than let me take charge, but they gambled on me.
Hope arrived at the front door of the television station with a large entourage of public relations people, local friends, and hangers-on. I was pretty intimidated. I knew Bob Hope's appearance could be the critical showpiece performance to help catapult "The Mike Douglas Show" into national syndication. As I met Hope, I mumbled nearly incoherently in trying to explain the show to him. Many of the people hanging around Hope were rolling their eyes as if to say, "Who is this kid and what are we doing here?"
I was too scared to say so, but I really wanted Hope to stay for our entire 90-minute show and sing, dance, and joke around. He wanted to plug his book and leave in five minutes. In the middle of my stammering, Hope grabbed my shoulders and steered me away from the others through a doorway into the scenery shop of the television station. Suddenly Bob Hope and I were alone.
He looked at me and said, "Kid, I know nothing about your show. I've never been on it and I don't know what you expect me to do. It's very important for you to speak up and tell people exactly what you want. I'm a big enough star to refuse whatever you request, if I decide to. But if I don't even know what you want, there's no way I can give it to you. Now tell a little bit about the program and the host, when I'm on, where I enter, and what's expected of me."
I realized in a flash that I had one chance and had better go for it. I admitted to Hope that I was not the producer but that an awful lot depended on his staying for the entire program, to entertain as well as to plug his book.
He started to laugh and said, "The network is paying me a hundred thousand dollars to do that." He patted me on the shoulder and said "Okay, now that I know what you want, I'll let you know what I'll do later. Let's see how it goes. In the meantime, just tell me when and where I go on."
As it turned out, Bob Hope stayed for the entire show. Once he was in front of the audience his natural performer instincts took over. He enjoyed Mike, they sang a duet, Bob danced and joked with the audience. his command performance undoubtedly helped "The Mike Douglas Show" later to be sold into national syndication.
After the show, as he was leaving, he saw me and said, "How'd I do, kid?"
"You were great, Mr. Hope."
He turned and pointed at me, "Next time, speak up." He smiled and left.
I never forgot that lesson--and I've never been afraid to speak to anyone else since then. It's your responsibility--not your listener's--to insure that your message gets through, and if you don't speak up, people can't help you get what you want.
Let me demonstrate with one simple example. If you say to me, "I'll never lie to you," but you're looking at the floor when you say it, I could doubt that message or at least wonder, "Why doesn't he look at me when he says that? maybe he's not telling the truth."
On the other hand, if you take charge and look me in the eye, the statement becomes not only believable but also reassuring, strong, and positive.

Happy To Be Here
The words you choose to speak are important, but they're just part of your message. However, many people think that their words are the whole message. Corporate executives are famous for this. They often get up and send all sorts of weird signals to their audience. My favorite is, "Ladies and gentleman, I'm very happy to be here." But they're looking at their shoes as they say it. They have no enthusiasm whatsoever. They look either angry, frightened, or depressed about being there.
In fact, they're often only reading these words. So, while the words say "happy to be here," the rest of the person is sending a very different message. the signals are confusing, and the audience will always go with the visual signals over the verbal ones. They'll say to themselves unconsiously "He's telling me he's happy to be here, but he's really not. Therefore, he's either uncomfortable or liar, or both." The speakers was the message and the message was negative.

Well i still have so many part of this book to share. But consider it will be boring to read so many long paragraphs for hours, i decided to write it in some posts. This is the first chapter of my sharing. The next chapter about crutial thing which is "POOR RECEPTION" is will be posted very soon after this. So hopefully you guys enjoy this. Before i end this post, let's summarize this chapter. "The message is not the words that you say but the message is the speakers who say the words. We are still need prepare what will we say but we also need to prepare ourselves as the communicator. YOU ARE THE MESSAGE!" Yep, thats conclusion from me, you are free to sum up this by yourself. i wish this post is usefull for you. Learning a little is better than not at all.

Have a wonderful Thursday everybody!

Ketty Tressianah

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Enamel : "A Layer of the History of Modern Advertising in Indonesia"

I was visited this exhibition in Erasmus Huis Jakarta, this exhibition really entertaining for me and my friends. You would see from some pictures that i took there. But you are probably need to be there to enjoy the atmosphere and giggle for the advertisement.

This exhibition is for free and for public.
So guys, you can come from Monday to Saturday in work hours.
from April 14th to June 17th 2011.
Tell me when you have visited this exhibition ;)

By the way, i always love Erasmus Huis and its events. Always great and worth to attend.
How about you?

Don't you think those pictures above are exciting?

Ketty Tressianah

Monday, May 2, 2011

Mixed Monday :)

Hello Monday, hello my wild readers, hello e-world!
It is first Monday in May 2011, also my favorite day.

I've done second IELTS test last Saturday and it was good.
I also got something i really want for long, long time sleep, yes i slept so long yesterday, this morning too.
And today, i got the chicken dance and silly eyes what i missed for long.

Well, yesterday I've been busy with make-up thingy, wh
y? Idk why honestly, i just sat down in front of mirror and started touched powder on my face. Do you know what happened?
then this is what happened. Alter-ego! yuhuuu.
Ditha says, "that picture shows you before and after." hahaha.
It is two sides of me actually, when i feel so sexy, i will look like the left side, while i feel so spoiled i will look like the right side. then its all me, myself, my mood.
Can you see the difference between two sides of me in that picture?

fashion's life
To be honest, I really miss my time in but unfortunately my lovely Sebey (my canon digital camera) is broken because my naughty cat made it fallen from my desk. After that Sebey was totally dead, i cant turn her on even for one second. aaah :( As a result, I can't posting any pict of my style again, for uncertain time.

However, at the same time, I've got some cute clothes
and skirts, what unlucky I am i can't express my happiness in fashion, although I'm not good either in fashion. At least i always look good in my daily appearance. hahaha. Now, im looking for some hairpiece like british women wear in The Royal Wedding and I also looking for bold rings to catching attention to my hand. Do you have any recommendation?

The Royal Wedding
Talking about The Royal Wedding which is very hot recently is very exciting. Many women felt broken heart because their prince charming was married with a modern socialita girl, Chaterine Elizabeth Middleton. Whilst, me prefer pay attention for Prince Harry, who is very cool and careless to what people say. As usual, i say, he is a lovely bad guy. But i really disappointed why he chooses Chelsy as his gf? Is there no more beautiful girl left? hahaha.

Anyway, about the wedding, it went like fairytale's wedding, wasnt it? I love when they said "I will..." and when they were in the carriage went to Buckingham Pallace and say hi to everyone. Also my favorite moment (i bet everyone's favorites) was when they're kissing. uuuuh, so short by the way! hahaha.

Ketty Tressianah xoxo

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Bitter cupcakes

Hello, FELLAS!
Its been so long I haven't update.
I'm so sorry for this, I will be rarely update because the busy time preparing for university.
How are you my gorgeous readers?
How's life treats you?

I'm gonna do the second IELTS test this Saturday. I'm so sad that my last result is good enough but the faculty wasn't satisfied, so I need to retest.
I'm abit lost my spirit, pretty bad. But hopefully I'm lucky enough for the second chance.

Well, currently media throught out the world have been fussy about The Royal Wedding, Prince Will and Kate Middleton.
It is like wedding in fairy tales. Well I'm enjoyed to watching their news tho.
One thing buzzing my mind is Prince Will and Kate are so lucky, their love is strong and going so well.
While I feel the opposite. *galau mode : on*

I'm dreaming about romantic words everynite, I'm hoping sweet eyes look into mine, but I'm expecting too much I guess.
What I got are fighting, fighting, and fighting.
I'm bored with fighting.
Further, "sorry" isn't enought to breaks the cold war.
As usual he is gone and no updates. Du du du. Vervelend.

Is there anyone who wanna teach me how to be a girlfriend? HAHAHA.
Or is there anyone wanna scolding me until my ears deaf?
I'm pretty upset and disappointed.
Temper and Tense are becoming the king between me and him.

I'm going with him for more than a year, but for these two months we just have a piece of little time to communication and full with problems.
It must be something wrongs between.
If anyone has medicine to clearing memory, please contanct me. Desperately needed!

I regret I should write a sad thing in this post, but would u all understand? *crying like cinderella*
I need advices about relationship, before it changes to relationSHIT. Haha.

However, I'm pretty happy today. I just got home from Dhani's house. We had a small reunion. Hmm its bert friends meeting hahaha. There were Olin and me as usual ;) then Dhani, Iqbal, Roland, and Christandi. We were celebrating Olin's 19th birthday. And it was funny and lovely.

Tomorrow I'm gonna meet up with Kak Nadya, Indah, and hopefully kak rachma will join. We gonna busy gossiping about Hanze hahaha.
How about you?

Heel veel affections from me♥
Ketty Tressianah

Friday, April 15, 2011


Why should we fight if that hurting us? Why we blaming each other when we know we don't want to? Why so hard to be so nice and fun while we consider those are what we want the most? Why just why left?

Cheers with why,
Ketty Tressianah
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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

New window is open!

Are you often listen to the radio? How about when you studying abroad and different language you need a friend from where are you from? It is no more a problem for Indonesian students, because they have a radio across the globe with Indonesian language, it is Radio PPI Dunia. PPI is Indonesian students united in for students whom studying in other countries. And now, lets check my interview with one announcer of Radio PPI Dunia! She is a new inspiring person for us! enjoy fellas...

Name : Raras Tyasnurita
Age : 24
School : National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (NTUST)
Programme : Master in Industrial Management
Semester / year : 3/ 2
Twitter : @rarast
Describe yourself :
Iam an ordinary woman who want to tribute unordinary usefull thing for others. Iam a student, a lecturer, a wife, and a daughter who has passion to create a better information systems for humanlife. I fill my leisure time by reading inspiring literature and folktales from all over the world. My world is colourfull with purple accesories, start a day with green tea, and show my happiness with chocolate.

Hi, Raras, what are you doing lately?
Doing my thesis
Would you tell us about you in general?
Iam a woman who always feel excited about a new thing in context of education, culture, and literature.
You are announcer in Radio PPI Dunia, can you tell us when the first time you join and how was it?
october 2010. I found that there was no program in Radio PPI Dunia which review about literature then I applied as an announcer and bring literature program.
What are benefits and disadvantages being announcer in Radio PPI Dunia for you?
benefits : i know about broadcasting world especially the technology behind,
i can practice myself to speak in front of listeners,
i get many friends all over the world,
i know the latest news, music, and trend. It make me be creative more day by day.
no disadvantages because Radio PPI Dunia always give you something :)
Is there any unforgetable moment as announcer in Radio PPI Dunia? Would you share it with us?
sometimes in the middle of nowhere, new friends will recognize me and tell their positive comments about my topics. It make me full of gratitude that I can do something nice for others
By the way, why you decided to studying abroad? What's motivated you?
Iam an open minded person with high curiousity to see the world so that I can learn many things. I always love English class and studying abroad for sure can make me more fluent in Foreign language. My study background in Information System motivate me to learn from the experts and I choose Taiwan for that.
Are you going with scholarship or self finance? (If with scholarship, what scholarship is it, and how hard is it?)
NTUST Scholarship
I try hard to get scholarship for studying abroad and I did this for one year. I visited some studying abroad fair, took English course and test, and join scholarship mailing list.
Please tell us about your experiences and opinion as a foreign student?
It is good to be an International student. In Taiwan, International Student can be free of charge to visit International Exhibition. Being an International student also motivate you to show your best in class because usually you become the minority and easily recognized by Professor.
What Are you really like from the country where you studying? And why?
The public service. I like travelling and in Taiwan, I never get lost or spend a lot of money for doing this hobby. Public transportation (MRT, Bus) are very convenient with English translation. Besides, many tourism place is free of charge.
Would you mind giving us some tips or message if we want to study abroad or dreaming to study abroad?
Be brave for dreaming and focus to reach it. Be more active to expand your friends network and add your skill. You will realize that there's nothing waste in life learning.

Thank you Raras for a loveable interview. Success with your study!
So guys, why still confused to studying abroad and become one of radio PPI crews?

Monday, March 21, 2011


Kata orang pendidikan itu penting, apalagi kalau mau merubah keadaan yang buruk menjadi lebih baik. Tapi, kok mau mengecam bangku pendidikan saja, kok, susahnya naujubilah minzalik, alias susah teramat sangat nian dan sekali. Bayar sekolah mahal, beli buku mahal, biaya inui-itu mahal. Yang enggak mahal cuma berkhayal. Sayang, berkhayal tok enggak menghasilkan harga murah.

Beberapa bulan yang lalu, waktu ikutan nonton live di studio salah satu stasiun TV swasta yang memelihara burung elang, talk show paling yahut soal Indonesia dari berbagai sisi, aku menyaksikan orangtua seorang anak yang bunuh diri karena enggak bisa kembali bersekolah. Padahal hanya butuh 25.000 rupiah perbulannya, tapi untuk makan saja perut sering melilit. Hina dan caci dari teman-teman di bekas sekolahnya pun sudah diabaikan demi pen-di-di-kan.

Banyak juga kasus lain, anak-anak yang punya semangat tinggi dan berkehidupan dalam garis kemiskinan, sehabis sekolah kerja keras di jalanan demi mendapat uang untuk sekolah. Semakin hari semakin banyak, semakin susah mendapatkan uang. Makin banyak yang harus putus sekolah.

Belum lagi, sekolah negeri yang dibawahi pemerintah bukannya justru membantu rakyat malah justru menyengsarakan jua. Bagaimana tidak, bayaran dan iurannya juga sama mahal dengan swasta menengah, padahal fasilitas jauh lebih buruk. Guru-gurunya pun terkadang berbuat culas, dengan bermodal statement "ngajar atau enggak pun tetap digaji." Ya, bahkan saya mengalaminya sendiri ketika di SMA.

Sedangkan, cukup banyak sekolah swasta yang bisa memberikan keringanan buat mereka yang berada di garis kesulitan finansial. Sebenarnya, banyak juga sekolah negeri yang memberi keringanan namun tidak sebesar swasta. Umumnya hanya uang pangkal, namun iuran bulanannya tetap sama, berat. Pada hakikatnya, sekolah negeri adalah sekolah yang semestinya mensejahterakan rakyat.

Pendidikan yang lagi-lagi katanya penting, yang menjadi harapan tonggak perubahan bangsa di masa depan, kok kesannya eksklusif? Kemajuan zaman diingkari dengan keotoriteran para pengajar. Memang tidak semua, tapi mayoritas, menerapkan "guru selalu benar." Ada guru-guru yang tidak mau minta maaf pada muridnya ketika beliau bersalah. Ada guru-guru yang menghakimi muridnya tanpa memberikan kesempatan muridnya untuk memberi penjelasan. Ada yang tidak mau menerima masukkan dari siswa-siswinya.

Di balik sisi buruknya pendidikan di Indonesia, ada banyak juga sisi baiknya. Dimana ada guru-guru yang tak mengenal lelah meski daya dan upaya tidak membawakan kesejahteraan lahir. Menempuh jarak yang jauh, memiliki benda dan harta yang sedikit, meninggal rumah dalam terang bulan dan kembali bermandikan cahaya bulan lagi.

Masih ada guru-guru yang bersedia mengajarkan tak kenal waktu, tak pandang bulu, yang sabar dan bijak, yang ramah dan pengertian. Mereka berbagi, mereka bermimpi, menaruh harapan pada anak-anak berseragam, bukan materi jua bukan sanjung puji, sekedar senyum di akhir karir nanti. Memimpikan perubahan yang signifikan, yang sanggup menggetarkan jiwa berbalut raga, yang mampu mengobarkan merah putih bagai sayang garuda nan perkasa.

Tapi semua itu terkemas campur aduk. Sedang populasi generasi muda makin menggelegak, semangat mulai berkobaran, meski banyak jua yang tergilas dan terpadamkan paksa. Harta yang jadi buah bicara. Yang makmur makin sentausa, yang sengsara makin tersiksa. Adil itu bagai tertinggal di zaman yang jauuuuuuh sekali dari peradaban. Dijaga raksasa-raksasa liar yang membuatnya sulit terjamah kembali.

Pada siapa rakyat kecil mengadu? Pada siapa pemimpi-pemimpi besar menggantungkan tekadnya, pada siapa kami mengadu? Katanya kita demokrasi kerakyatan. Dimana rakyat hidup bekerja dan berbahagia bersama demi rakyat dan bersama rakyat. Nyatanya rakyat kan hanya wacana, yang ada korupsi, yang ada ketidakadilan, yang ada ketidaksejahteraan, yang ada manipulasi konspirasi. Hangus terbakar lara.

"Oh lihat ibu pertiwi, sedang bersusah hati. Air matanya berlinang, mas intan yang terkenang..." Penggalan lagu, menyampaikan pada kita, bukan hanya warga yang disebut sebagai warga negara Indonesia saja yang merintih dalam keterinjak-injakan, jua alam Nusantara yang terluka. Tertawalah, bercengkerama dengan keangkuhan sebagai petinggi yang memiliki pundi-pundi uang, kami berdoa adanya mukzizat yang rendah hati ingin menyapamu.

Tapi kini aku ragu, jikalau memang pendidikan itu penting, mengapa orang yang berpendidikan yang kini menjabat di pemerintahan dan departemen-departemen kenegaraan, pengusaha-pengusaha yang uangnya tak berbatas, justru tampil dan tampak bagai tak berpendidikan. Salah siapa? Apa artinya? Mereka bagai tuliiiiii! Mereka bagai bisuuuu! Mereka bagai bayangan-bayangan semu nan palsu. Mereka merusak citra yang mereka bangun sendiri. Mereka kah yang patut kami jadikan contoh untuk masa depan kami?

Tapi kami punya cita, sebagaimana yang tertera dalam panca sila, sebagaimana tersurat di lagu kebangsaan Indonesia Raya. Dan saya tidak akan berhenti bermimpi dan berusaha. Demi pendidikan, sesulit apapun ini, kuhadapi, kuperjuangkan. Dan kiranya perlu kami, aku, kita, membuktikan sendiri, apakah pendidikan sepenting itu?

Salam hangat,
Ketty Tressianah

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Friday, March 18, 2011

The Perfect Imperfect

It is a balads about love.
It is a balads for a boy out there.
It is a balads from a girl over here.
It is a simple way of loving...

I'm always sad whenever I feel disappointed with the way you love me.
I never can imagine if I will lose you someday, it just feels like do not have complete legs.
While I understand when I'm upset with your unpredictable mind and can not guess what will happen in the next second.
You do what people not, you do not when people do, you do whatever you want to do in anytime you think suit for that.
You are the king of birds in my forest.

You are not perfect, darling...
But let me tell you something, the truth that will forever true...
Your imperfectness makes you perfect in anyway.
You just the perfect imperfect one.
The one I really want to be with

Day by day we spend together in ups and downs
Oftenly madness breaks our logic, but it is fine.
As time goes by, we are closer and getting far then closer but it is fine.
Because I'm falling to you for many times.
I belong to you...

I don't care with the problems surrounding.
I don't see what is bad in you...
I believe you are here because you want to, and you want because you Love me.
No matter how seldom you tell me you love me.
No matter how busy you are...
I can see with my heart, you belong with me
And sincerely mine


With love for love for you...
But still loveable!
Ketty Tressianah

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Monday, March 14, 2011


Cewek1: di hape gue enggak ada tanggal merah kok!
Cewek2: enggak tau kali...
Gue: -____-'

4 Maret 2010 Damri ke Jati Nangor

I wonder when calender in cellular phone has red date or kind of that? Zzz

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Sunday, March 13, 2011


Nowadays, Blackberry (bb) as smartphone is more common in Indonesia. Almost 50% people in Jakarta using bb. It is totally different with trend in another country. Blackberry becomes a "need" on Jakarta people's style to create a good image and pride. Unfortunately, many people of them (bb users) are misunderstood with some functions in bb.

Firstly, for bbm (black berry messenger) there is BM (broadcast message) supposed to broadcast important informations, but many people in Indonesia use it for wrong purpose. Further, as a bb user, sometimes I feel annoyed by people who does BM for useless thing. For instance, they broadcast a provocative message, which is not smart compared with the handheld they have. Another example is they broadcast hoax information, like RIM will blockir the bbm if we do not want to broadcast that message again. That is pretty stupid! Not only that, most of them often broadcast to say "check contact, ignore please" WTH?!?! To make it clear, I feel okay if they only do that for once, but how about they do that everyday? Annoying! Absolutely annoying!

However, BM is useful too when people broadcast latest news such as tsunami in Japan, scholarship from university, promoting an event or product, or asking for help. I did BM too, I had broadcast information about my book, my event, and greeting for special occasion.

Secondly, group on bbm, some people can not think wisely about what is group on bbm made. They spamming something not important or worse to disturb people on that group when they are hectic with their activities. Really not smart, fool!

Overall, I do not forbid you as a bb user to do BM or greeting on group, just be clever when using those facilities. Blackberry made to help our communication easier, not to disappointing friends or colleagues. I suggest you to check all the information before you broadcast. Based on my experience, I got a link about government activities, but when I open the link it is about pornography. Well that is not funny. So watch your activities. Think twice before do!

Last but not least, blackberry is one of the best things I have, it is not only help me in my job, also makes my relationship and friendship easier.
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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Nasi Uduk by me :)

When im quit from work, i spend much time at home. And since early February i started learning to wake up in the morning. After that i follow my mom to market, buys vegetables and fruit, then cooking! Yes, i am cooking! and this is one of food that i cooked. Named Nasi Uduk, or in Malaysia called Nasi Lemak. Its from rice and coconut oil. it is really delicious. LEKKER! Because of this, im forgot that i was in diet. hahaha. One thing i found is I LOVE COOKING. Following, i often cooking many kind of food,but unfortunately i cant upload the picture. I cooked green pasta, baked potato, soup, egg rice, etc. hahaha. And i dont know why, everytime i cook it is always taste good. later i will upload more. Do u love cooking too? Have some recipes that worth to try?

Ketty Tressianah

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Im back to lookbook hype!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Report from USA education fair, Jakarta!

Education. Everything about education always captivate me, a great enthusiastment come out. That is why on Sunday I went to USA education fair in Jakarta, Le Meridien. I spent 3 hours at there. I did not visit a lot of stands, why? I just did not want to. It was so good actually. I gained many informations abou education system in USA.

First of all, I was succeed made Roro join me, we went there by bus. When we were arrive, we just walked around. Then finally found Foothills and de Anza college, which Indah, my highschool mate, was sitting there as a volunteer for Aminef to promoto that college. We stopped there and asked some questions. Mr. Greg was very funny, he gave us a pencil. The pencil is very cute. When we stroke, the colour changed. Mine is purple changed into pink.

I took the opportunities to speak english as much as needed, well it was good, not too perfect but it just good. I like Foothills and de Anza colleger in California, the environment is very impressive. Also the experiences that they offer. Even though, North central college in Chicago more interested me. It is a traditional USA education, said the representative, it is nearby downtown, also near the entertainment place. It just perfect in my opinion.

The thing that made me more and more interested was the scholarship that offered, more than US$10,000. Isn't that a lot? Then I went back to the Foothills and de Anza college stand, it was no crowded anymore, I asked mr.Greg if there's any scholarship available. But he answered with funny! "None. Enggak ada harga khusus. Enggak ada harga bagi-bagi. Cuma ada harga bule." he said. It was hillarious! I amazed with his Indonesian language. Ahahhaha.

Further, I compared this with education in Netherlands, it so much different. In fact, Netherlands offers more benefit than USA for me. Not only cheaper, Netherlands also has much international students from more than 50 nationalities. While USA only approximately 60 people from 30 countries. For your information, why I say USA education are really expensive compared with Netherlands, in north central college it cost US$44,000 per year. How about Netherlands? Mostly it just cost Euro€7,500 per year maybe increase into €10,000 *include accomodation*.

One thing need to be noted, I really want to continue study to USA, but it just too expensive. Maybe on Magister, or Post-doctoral later. Amen. Impossible is nothing, right? To be honest, I already in love with Netherlands in anyway. it incline my desire sharply. Enchanted.

Over all, both Netherlands and USA have exellent education although have different benefits in different sides. The thing is we need to take higher education possible, not the USA or Netherlands. Unfortunately, education in Indonesia is terrible, far below par. I suggest to take study overseas, to rebuild Indonesia. Indonesia needs smart trusty generation, and that is us!

Have a great time.

Ketty Tressianah

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Sunday, February 20, 2011


Something that makes me never stop fighting for my future is only my dream. I dreaming high, then I action to actualizing it.

-Ketty Tressianah

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Do you know, what are the worst things in our live? Those are; we can not understand our feelings, we can not understand what we want for sure, we can not kill our fears by ourselves. And when someday we realise, the moment have been passed, too late.

-ketty tressianah
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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Film? bubar jalan!

Alangkah lucunya negeri ini!
Ini adalah sebuah judul film lokal yang (sepertinya) bagus, sayangnya saya belum sempat menonton sampai diturunkan dari bioskop. Jadi teringat salah satu lirik lagu Zeke Khaseli, inti liriknya adalah sekalinya ada film lokal bagus cuma bertahan 5 hari.

Hari ini semua orang heboh akan berita pemberhentian distribusi film dari luar Indonesia atau film impor di Indonesia. Permasalahannya cuma satu, pajak bea cukai yang kelewat mencekik.

Kilahnya sih memajukan perfilman lokal, sayangnya justru menunjukkan betapa terpuruknya akal pikir beliau. Kalau sampai film-film berkualitas tidak tayang di bioskop, lalu bioskop bangkrut, dimanakah tokoh perfilman lokal bisa menayangkan filmnya?

Sebenarnya saya sih setuju kalau sampai tidak ada penayangan film lokal, karena hampir semuanya film asusila. Film pembodohan. Film yang enggak menghibur, enggak bermoral, enggak juga berkualitas. Bermodal pornografi dan pornoaksi. Yang menonton dan bilang itu bagus, pasti bagus bukan ceritanya, paling bagus pamer badannya. Saya jujur, dan yang berpikiran waras mestinya mengakui hal tersebut. Buat apa coba, ada uu pornografi pornoaksi, sedangkan itu cuma jadi wacana. Nyatanya, prakteknya (selalu) nihil. Tapi...

Ya, ada tapinya! Tapi, saya juga sedih, masih ada tokoh perfilman nasional berkualitas, intelek, yang akan terancam terhambat kreativitasnya akan hal ini. Sungguh menyedihkan. Saya jadi membayangkan, bagaimana rasanya jadi saya tidak bisa menikmati film kesayangan saya di bioskop. Seperti Harry Potter ke-7 part 2. Sedih dan miris.

Seharusnya tokoh perfilman nasional itu berkaca, kenapa perfilman Indonesia enggak berkembang.

@Keketketty: Film Hollywood lebih laku drpd film lokal, knp? Harusnya filmmaker lokal mikir, film tuh yg penting KUALITAS bkn kuantitas!!

Semoga pembuat kebijakan yang gue enggak tau siapa, pemerintah yang mana, pejabat yang mana, bisa cepet-cepet jadi orang pinter dan enggak semena-mena mengambil keputusan.

Kebijakan yang memiliki "kuasa" atas sesuatu, melambangkan keadaan negara yang memberinya kuasa.

Harapan saya pastinya, generasi kita, generasi selanjutnya, bisa memutus mata rantai kebodohan dan juga ketidakadilan. Korupsi dan kekerasan dieliminasi. Amin. Seburuk-buruknya Indonesia saya tetap cinta, meski amarah dan kesal membuncah.

Depend on us!

Ketty Tressianah

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Short but worth

In a gentle way you can shake the world.
- Mahatma Gandhi

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Down for success

Have u felt like stupidest ever? I have! Well, that is what I feel today. It is really really bring me down. Even at the same time I slapped to be better very soon! What is it about? Well the only thing that could makes me like a yoyo is IELTS test. Ironic! *yes it is*

Several times I asked to my monsy, he said I'm not stupid, but I feel stupid. Why? It is easy! I just can't answer correctly for many practices that I did today as much as before when I took ielts course. Means my score was decrease. Pretty bad, I know...

Because of that, I promise to my self that it will never ever happen again, no reason exception. In addition, my test is getting close, on this Saturday. Fiuh!

However, I do not mean this post as a trashbin of my feelings. I just want to share, my own experience that guided my self to a deep fallen because of my unawareness. For you, all of you, who will face an exam even national exam, ielts, toefl, university test, or many other types of test, just remember : when you planning to be success, do not ever let your self flow the laziness or giving yourslef less-discipliness in anyway. Just do not!

It only four days to go, and I realised I become more not ready. The only way to make up this hot mess only super duper discipline practices! Another tips or advice or whatever u call it; do not let your self stuck on sadness, frustrated, downess, that is harmful!

What I really believe is when we have failed for once, second, third, and so on does not mean we are loser. We are failed for success. On the other hand, when more than three times you have failed, you need to take a time, think carefully, there is something totally wrong on you that is necessary to be changed. The key is never give up!

I love people who wants to fight for his/her dreams does not matter how impossible it looks like. In fact that my Almighty God proved has no limits. People who says impossible only people who scared of miracles and enchanting possible, for me.

Life is about choices. You choose for your own self. Freedom to choose is the greatest thing that given by God for us. Did not mean to be so-fuckin-religius just tell what I thoughts.

Over all, life is ups and downs. You choose your future. When your down, don't forget to wake up quickly, because time will never wait.

Monday's tips : 1. Try to love Monday, then your Monday become lovely.
2. A simple smile able to makes a significant changed.

Ketty Tressianah

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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Ayo menulis dan terbitkan!

Ehm, I'm not a professional author that have a lot of writing has been published. Neither a perfect writer nor the most creative one. I just want to share a piece of knowledge that I knew for people who loves writing and want to try to publish it. These are my tweets yesterday, but I thought it is good to be shared here too. Hope you enjoy!

Buat temen2 yg suka nulis dan mau menerbitkan tulisannya berbentuk buku, aku bakal kasih info nih!

Baca lagi tulisan kamu dan pastikan tidak mengandung SARA, tidak seronok, dan tidak kasar. Dan pastikan tulisan kamu enggak menjiplak.

Setelah yakin tulisanmu oke, periksa yuk penulisannya. Jangan GeDe KeCiL, disingkat2, atau font yg sulit terbaca. Naskahmu kan perlu dibaca.

Setiap penerbit punya kriteria masing2. Ex: @GagasMedia minimal 75 halaman A4, single space, font 12 tnr/ariel. Cari tau!

Setelah memenuhi kriteria dari penerbit, print out naskah tulisan kamu dan jilid yg rapih. Jangan dengan tinta yg mencolok; pink, kuning.

Sertakan juga sinopsis dan surat dari kamu menyertai naskah. Ini memudahkan editor untuk mengetahui naskah kamu.

Kirim naskah kamu ke penerbit, dan bersabarlah. Penerbit menerima ratusan naskah tiap harinya dan semua harus dibaca.

Kalau penasaran dengan nasib naskah kamu, boleh telp utk menanyakan kabar at least 3-6 bulan setelahnya. Enggak mungkin instant!

Sebelum dikirim, ada baiknya sebar naskahmu kebeberapa teman yg suka membaca dan tanya pendapatnya. Terima kritiknya!

Please jangan latah kalo bikin cerita kalo kamu enggak bisa membuat cerita jd berbeda. Misal: jadian sm artis korea. Hello!

Yang paling penting dalam menulis adalah, jadi diri sendiri, tetap nulis apapun bentuknya, banyak baca, dan logic.

Boleh mengidolakan penulis lain, tapi bukan berarti menyamai gayanya. Dan baca banyak genre!

Nulis cerpen dan novel berbeda sama nulis naskah film. Jadi jangan dikira mudah pindah2. Perlu sama2 belajar.

Enggak ada salahnya ikut workshop penulisan dari mana2. Ilmu itu mahal!

Pasti akan selalu ada penulis yg lebih baik. Tapi setiap penulis akan punya karakter sendiri. That's why u need to be ur self when writing.

Jangan pernah takut menulis. Selain bisa melegakan hati, meluapkan ide, jg bisa menghasilkan :)

Modal bagus buat nulis : kamus thesaurus. Kekayaan penulis adalah kata2 dan sudut pandang. Happy writing!

Yes that's all. Last but not least, no matter what keep writing, even on good mood or bad. Happy writing everyone!

Love and hugs,
Ketty Tressianah

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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Urgent! Indonesia really needs help in LAW system!

For all Indonesian readers, wherever you are, I ask your help to check this link out : it is about an inspiring girl from Indonesia, who did alots for youth, and also makes Indonesia proud, but because EXTREMELY-BAD-LAW she is in hard time. You'll know after read that post (which is I give the link) please, together we fight the unfairness and. Rebuild our multicultural rich and lovely country.

Best regards,
Ketty Tressianah
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Monday, February 7, 2011

LOVE and it's life

Stop complaining your partner when you cannot correcting yourself. You are not only hurt your partner, also hurt your self.
Talk about love, its like talk about unfinished journey. Never end. Sometimes it seems so wonderful, at the other times it feels so terribly hard. That is love. The real love. At least that what I could tell.

it starts with bitter-sweet-falling-in-love, some says it love at the first sight, some says it monkey love, some says it love which come because of comfortness. It has no absolute rules. It is subjective, it is flexible, it is free. It is not belongs to anyone.

Some people lucky enough to found their happiness, with action-reaction, love. They feel the amazing time that they never imagine. Laughs, suddenly all become funny. Smile, like sun spreads it bright.

While some people else feel broken. Unrequitted love. Unfinished business. Lies. They cry, they are falling, they are tired, they are sick. Sick when they feel the love inside their soul, biting slowly the whole life, then pressed tight until to breath for once they need all powers.

The roads never be so easy. Straight ahead, turn right, turn left, all have it's own disturbance.

In love, u give all patience, all affections, all precious things that u keep even unconsiderably. With higher hopes, that will never be useless. However, in the middle of the way, you will scared, will giving up, will not survive--At least u have think so for awhile.

This is about love, but not always about compliments and flirts. It is also not about what you have to give and what u will able to get. It is About the real. Reality. Want to share, to no body it can. What can you do when majority of people just think that is a ridiculous ever happen? In fact that you are happy to work with it. And that is love.

There are manythings will make your way so hard to be through, but belive that is an art of love. Long distance, religions, culture, race, etnics, beliefs, that is all only small figures will colouring your way of love. LOVE. L-O-V-E.

When girls wishing to be loved, spoiled, pampered. Then, boys thinking about sex, game, being loved, complicated. Needs a meeting point.

Other point need to be highlighted, when a relationship gets long, there is no more love left, only affections, sense of belongings, comfrtness, trust. The two of them should be working together to make it keep breathing. Understanding and open. That is back to ourselves, what you are hoping the relationship will be in the next seconds, minutes, and so on.

Love will not live forever, but care and trust do.
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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Worth Sunday at workshop blog with KaWanku

Hello Sunday!!!
Yeah at the moment I'm at @atamerica at Pacific Place.
Attending KaWanku magz's event, workshop blogging with Raditya Dika and Tiffany William also talking about cervical cancer with dr @adhiatama .

While I'm listening to Raditya Dika speaking about blogging, let me tell a bit about cervical cancer. I have made a documentary film about this, because of that I got a lot information about this cancer. As a woman, cervical cancer is frightening us. Well, it is dangerous but you don't have to be worry.

dr @adhiatama said there are two important points to prevent cervical cancer, which vaccine and pap smear. Have u heard bout that two? So far I knew vaccine for cervical cancer are three times. It's able for woman from 10 to 55 years old. While, pap smear is able for woman who already did sex. By that I means not virgin anymore.

Well hopefully we will not infected by cervical cancer. AMIN. And there's another things to prevent like be faithful with ur partner. To be honest, sex before 17 years old cause cervical cancer too.

You must be jealous because I'm listening tp Raditya dika presenting his ideas about blogging! Hahahaha *devil laugh* well blogging is not always be a personal diary. And for me, it's a gado-gado. Haha can be personal diary, fashion, for publish articles, and so on and so on.

Pssssst, I haven't tell you yet about @atamerica at Pacific Place... Huh. You should know, it's GREAT!!!!!!! Technologies are common here. And I'm using iPad now, hihihihihhi. If u are Indonesian please arrange your time to visit this place. First cultural center of America in Indonesia. You can find out a lot about America cultures. And you also can try iPad like I'm doin now. Hehe *blush*

Sassan I miss KaWanku so bad! *means I'm in that magazine hehe* well for school girls who needs knowledge, fashion, ways to be unbeatable fun girls, lovable girls, and positive just read KaWanku magazine!!

You just life for once, don't waste your life without experiences.

NB : Raditya dike said Indonesian ghosts are funny, not scary. Hahahaha.
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Saturday, January 29, 2011


hello, this is blacky!
He was my kitten before, and he has been living with a new marriage couple.
Already 5 months since he moved. i miss him.
He was the cuter kitten i've ever had.

he was lazy and always sleepy.
He loves me alot. so do i.

i miss him so much.
n wondering, how do he looks now.
blacky, i love you and miss you so bad...

me and baby

This is my baby picture.
I found not along changes on me since i was baby until present.
When i look into this pict, i always pulled back into my childhood.
How wonderful as a kid i was.

And it brings me to the fantasy, im imagining that i already married and have many cute babies. uuh.
And i wonder, how my babies will look like. hihi.

I found a fun website that will predicts how the baby look like with combining two pictures. brilliant!

And this is one of the example.

You can put your picture with anyone.
With your lover, celebs, also your secret admire.
It just an example.
But it is really fun to try.
Have fun!

And last, i really love babies!

Love ya!