Sunday, March 13, 2011


Nowadays, Blackberry (bb) as smartphone is more common in Indonesia. Almost 50% people in Jakarta using bb. It is totally different with trend in another country. Blackberry becomes a "need" on Jakarta people's style to create a good image and pride. Unfortunately, many people of them (bb users) are misunderstood with some functions in bb.

Firstly, for bbm (black berry messenger) there is BM (broadcast message) supposed to broadcast important informations, but many people in Indonesia use it for wrong purpose. Further, as a bb user, sometimes I feel annoyed by people who does BM for useless thing. For instance, they broadcast a provocative message, which is not smart compared with the handheld they have. Another example is they broadcast hoax information, like RIM will blockir the bbm if we do not want to broadcast that message again. That is pretty stupid! Not only that, most of them often broadcast to say "check contact, ignore please" WTH?!?! To make it clear, I feel okay if they only do that for once, but how about they do that everyday? Annoying! Absolutely annoying!

However, BM is useful too when people broadcast latest news such as tsunami in Japan, scholarship from university, promoting an event or product, or asking for help. I did BM too, I had broadcast information about my book, my event, and greeting for special occasion.

Secondly, group on bbm, some people can not think wisely about what is group on bbm made. They spamming something not important or worse to disturb people on that group when they are hectic with their activities. Really not smart, fool!

Overall, I do not forbid you as a bb user to do BM or greeting on group, just be clever when using those facilities. Blackberry made to help our communication easier, not to disappointing friends or colleagues. I suggest you to check all the information before you broadcast. Based on my experience, I got a link about government activities, but when I open the link it is about pornography. Well that is not funny. So watch your activities. Think twice before do!

Last but not least, blackberry is one of the best things I have, it is not only help me in my job, also makes my relationship and friendship easier.
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