Monday, May 2, 2011

Mixed Monday :)

Hello Monday, hello my wild readers, hello e-world!
It is first Monday in May 2011, also my favorite day.

I've done second IELTS test last Saturday and it was good.
I also got something i really want for long, long time sleep, yes i slept so long yesterday, this morning too.
And today, i got the chicken dance and silly eyes what i missed for long.

Well, yesterday I've been busy with make-up thingy, wh
y? Idk why honestly, i just sat down in front of mirror and started touched powder on my face. Do you know what happened?
then this is what happened. Alter-ego! yuhuuu.
Ditha says, "that picture shows you before and after." hahaha.
It is two sides of me actually, when i feel so sexy, i will look like the left side, while i feel so spoiled i will look like the right side. then its all me, myself, my mood.
Can you see the difference between two sides of me in that picture?

fashion's life
To be honest, I really miss my time in but unfortunately my lovely Sebey (my canon digital camera) is broken because my naughty cat made it fallen from my desk. After that Sebey was totally dead, i cant turn her on even for one second. aaah :( As a result, I can't posting any pict of my style again, for uncertain time.

However, at the same time, I've got some cute clothes
and skirts, what unlucky I am i can't express my happiness in fashion, although I'm not good either in fashion. At least i always look good in my daily appearance. hahaha. Now, im looking for some hairpiece like british women wear in The Royal Wedding and I also looking for bold rings to catching attention to my hand. Do you have any recommendation?

The Royal Wedding
Talking about The Royal Wedding which is very hot recently is very exciting. Many women felt broken heart because their prince charming was married with a modern socialita girl, Chaterine Elizabeth Middleton. Whilst, me prefer pay attention for Prince Harry, who is very cool and careless to what people say. As usual, i say, he is a lovely bad guy. But i really disappointed why he chooses Chelsy as his gf? Is there no more beautiful girl left? hahaha.

Anyway, about the wedding, it went like fairytale's wedding, wasnt it? I love when they said "I will..." and when they were in the carriage went to Buckingham Pallace and say hi to everyone. Also my favorite moment (i bet everyone's favorites) was when they're kissing. uuuuh, so short by the way! hahaha.

Ketty Tressianah xoxo

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