Tuesday, March 29, 2011

New window is open!

Are you often listen to the radio? How about when you studying abroad and different language you need a friend from where are you from? It is no more a problem for Indonesian students, because they have a radio across the globe with Indonesian language, it is Radio PPI Dunia. PPI is Indonesian students united in for students whom studying in other countries. And now, lets check my interview with one announcer of Radio PPI Dunia! She is a new inspiring person for us! enjoy fellas...

Name : Raras Tyasnurita
Age : 24
School : National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (NTUST)
Programme : Master in Industrial Management
Semester / year : 3/ 2
Twitter : @rarast
Describe yourself :
Iam an ordinary woman who want to tribute unordinary usefull thing for others. Iam a student, a lecturer, a wife, and a daughter who has passion to create a better information systems for humanlife. I fill my leisure time by reading inspiring literature and folktales from all over the world. My world is colourfull with purple accesories, start a day with green tea, and show my happiness with chocolate.

Hi, Raras, what are you doing lately?
Doing my thesis
Would you tell us about you in general?
Iam a woman who always feel excited about a new thing in context of education, culture, and literature.
You are announcer in Radio PPI Dunia, can you tell us when the first time you join and how was it?
october 2010. I found that there was no program in Radio PPI Dunia which review about literature then I applied as an announcer and bring literature program.
What are benefits and disadvantages being announcer in Radio PPI Dunia for you?
benefits : i know about broadcasting world especially the technology behind,
i can practice myself to speak in front of listeners,
i get many friends all over the world,
i know the latest news, music, and trend. It make me be creative more day by day.
no disadvantages because Radio PPI Dunia always give you something :)
Is there any unforgetable moment as announcer in Radio PPI Dunia? Would you share it with us?
sometimes in the middle of nowhere, new friends will recognize me and tell their positive comments about my topics. It make me full of gratitude that I can do something nice for others
By the way, why you decided to studying abroad? What's motivated you?
Iam an open minded person with high curiousity to see the world so that I can learn many things. I always love English class and studying abroad for sure can make me more fluent in Foreign language. My study background in Information System motivate me to learn from the experts and I choose Taiwan for that.
Are you going with scholarship or self finance? (If with scholarship, what scholarship is it, and how hard is it?)
NTUST Scholarship
I try hard to get scholarship for studying abroad and I did this for one year. I visited some studying abroad fair, took English course and test, and join scholarship mailing list.
Please tell us about your experiences and opinion as a foreign student?
It is good to be an International student. In Taiwan, International Student can be free of charge to visit International Exhibition. Being an International student also motivate you to show your best in class because usually you become the minority and easily recognized by Professor.
What Are you really like from the country where you studying? And why?
The public service. I like travelling and in Taiwan, I never get lost or spend a lot of money for doing this hobby. Public transportation (MRT, Bus) are very convenient with English translation. Besides, many tourism place is free of charge.
Would you mind giving us some tips or message if we want to study abroad or dreaming to study abroad?
Be brave for dreaming and focus to reach it. Be more active to expand your friends network and add your skill. You will realize that there's nothing waste in life learning.

Thank you Raras for a loveable interview. Success with your study!
So guys, why still confused to studying abroad and become one of radio PPI crews?


  1. thanks to ketty, lovely girl with amazing dream, "inspiring others"

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