Saturday, March 31, 2012

It's fun for the past and now

Have you ever used grafitti application on facebook? I have. It was hits in 2009 in my country.
I was look on it again and found old graffities that my friends and I made. kind of missing that moment. :')

I dont remember exactly from whom were they each, but the last one is newest from Ghavio. hahhaa.
I think, i'm gonna using it again. :)

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Bring me to Harry Potter Land :3

As Harry Potter big fan, I definately want to entering and experiencing the world of wizzard that I follow for more than 10 years. Now, when WarnerBros opening the special studio the making of Harry Potter, I absolutely want to go there. I looked the information on their official website , positively, I'm craving for a tour in there. With a complete packet for adult the ticket price is almost 38 pounds. WOW! It must be amazing and bizzare.

Please anyone bring me there. Take me to UK and let my dream comes true. Pweaaasseeeee... *doggy style eyes*

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Sometimes we are too busy with ourselves until we are forget how precious other people are. We give thousands excuses to defend. Busy with work, busy with education, busy with business, busy with project, busy with food. But have you ever realized that time will never stop. You are always losing... continuously.

How many career ladies who take aside of their children? How many men take work to be a main reason they can't spend time with their family and listen to their wife and kids? How many children who forget that their parents already old and need their care and time even just a little every week? How many of us who left our loved ones for many other reasons?

What if we will never meet tomorrow? What if we can't hear our parents' laugh anymore? What if your children feel like they got no love from you? What if your girlfriend / boyfriend is hurted and eventually feel nothing for you? Could you live alone?

It is not gonna be that hard. TRY! Try to manage your time. A simple sweet message maybe only take 2 minutes but it means more than a diamond. You'll never know, until when you can see them around. Or you'll never know until when you can smile just because you feel the warm.

TIME is priceless. You knew it, but do you realized and do something because of it? Have you?! As you know, regret will always come late. Break ourseleves from within. Laugh on our suffer. Life is not about perfection, it is about moment.

Victim of time

Fix it, not throw it away...

The Thing Is YOU

There's always a thing
Every single hour I automatically think of
Every breath I take, every step I do
This is hard to be admitted but it happens
It is YOU
All about you

Each time we spent together
My smile never gone
Your words are dancing around on my mind
A magical experience
A long last instant happiness
A dream
A wish
A pray

But I have to stand the flaws
I can't read you like a book, nor you
I really want you to stay
I'm dreaming you're around
I'm hoping your statements
Wishing it comes true
However, it is just can be vanished at the end

The Wounds Remain

Where have you been, dear?
It is too late to apologize
The wounds that you created haven't gone anyway
Don't oh don't come again when I've just stepped out from the blue
It wasn't easy, I swear

What have you been up to, darling?
You just dumped your logic for nothing
It's your biggest loss
And you won't ever get it back
Not as it used to be, not as we used to be

Excuse me if I have my sweet words no more
I've done all my best but I can't step backwards
You, you have done it all
Just leave me alone

Maybe you are guilty and regretful and sad
But it changes nothing
Believe me I've tried to make it better
I forgive you and I don't let you be in my life again
Tell yourself, your friends, this time we just need to let it go

Invisible Gate

I'm walking down the street and look up to the sky
It is dark and the clouds are fat
I'm hugging my self try to heal the cold
I wonder if someone does the same
Stare at the sky, and feel what I've felt

When later the sunshine is back
Could I see the persons who have left?
Or maybe got a clue about the one who did the same
Is it possible the sky being an invisible gate?
Between me and you... them and us...

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Relationship without relationship

Have you ever experienced it? I have. Maybe this is my weakness, fall for someone abit too easy. Oh well, quite easy. I don't fall for someone super handsome, or super rich, hell no! Just an ordinary with many extraordinary sides of him. cliche.

BUT, being in a relationship without any status, or relationship without relationship, is pretty sucks. I sometimes think that he likes me, but then he seems not. At another time, he seems like me, but then he disappeared. How could I feel fine like that?

I really want to hear a statement that stops my prejudices. I don't want to always guessing about what the heck is in his mind. It is definately tiring. Hundred percent! It also drives me insane, I don't know how to react or talk or treat him just because he is ultimately confusing. ha ha ha. Drama, is it?

What should I do? I have no fucking idea how to solve this kind of feeling or relationship. Does he love me? Doesn't he love me? Does he like me? Does he? Well. I don't know.

Love with confusion,

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


It is a gloomy Tuesday. I was wake up at first at 5.23 am but then I fell asleep again until midday. Such a damn sleep. But when I woke up, I've got people that sometimes I forgot I have, sent me a smile, sent me a advices, a care. Simply smile that I can't hide. How thankful I am. I mignt not have no parents around but then I still have people that care to me, either I ask or not. I may not focus on them everytime, but that's the art of happiness. They'll come when needed, considered or not. I suddenly feel a need to say, show, and express how grateful I am to be me. There are ones will help me get through bad or good. It's a game of point of view.

Sometimes we just to full of ourselves and focus on people who don't pay attention that much to us. And in the end we just realized, people who care to us are people whom we don't pay attention at. Seems not fair, isn't it?
However, there's no point thinking about the facts that bring us onto upset and frustration. Put a sincere smile and your day gonna be blessed. Also remember, by giving away a little care could make someone's day up. So where do you want to stand?

feeling so grateful,
Ketty :)

Monday, March 12, 2012

Friend or Enemy?

Kadang gue suka bertanya-tanya, sejahat itu kah gue sama teman-teman gue? Gue rasa enggak, ini bukan berasaskan kepedean. Karena pasalnya gue selalu ingin membantu dan menyenangkan teman gue. Dan gue berusaha banget menjaga perasaan teman-teman gue. Tapi entah kenapa kali ini gue ngerasa dikhianatin banget sama seorang teman yang pada dasarnya gue percaya banget.

Tapi ternyata, dia enggak sama sekali menyadari perubahan sikap gue ke dia. Pada awal mula emosi gue memuncak, bahkan sampai sekarang gue sama sekali enggak bisa mengutarakan hal tersebut langsung ke oranggnya. Tapi bukan berarti gue enggak menunjukkan, lho. Gue yang aslinya emang enggak bisa diam dan ngomong terus, bisa tiba-tiba diam dan nyuekin orang, kalau yang kenal gue pasti kaget gue bisa diam buat waktu yang cukup lama. Gue capek banget pun gue enggak bisa diam. Sayangnya dia enggak sadar.

Gue berusaha setengah mati untuk enggak emosi. Berkali-kali gue mengingatkan diri gue, itu cuma perasaan gue doang. Tapi nyatanya enggak. Terakhir kali gue ketemu, ternyata dia makin enggak tahu diri. Selain dia enggak menggubris gue yang jelas-jelas tersinggung dan terganggu. Dia justru menusuk gue. Mungkin dia mengira itu bukan apa-apa, tapi itu melampaui etika dalam logika.

Gue enggak sangka. Gue janji dalam hati, enggak akan lagi dia gue kenalkan pada siapapun. She just forget his role. Thats the worst ever. Gue pengen banget bilang, harusnya dia sadar, dia enggak bisa memanfaatkan semua orang. terutama orang-orang yang enggak ada hubungannya sama dia.

Gue enggak bisa santai lagi sama dia. Gue kecewa, orang yang gue percaya justru mau jadi rintangan buat gue, padahal dia orang yang paling tahu rencana gue. kalau seandainya gue bisa ribut, gue pengen banget. Stay away from my relatives! erg.


Friday, March 9, 2012

Study in Europe

Halo semuanya.

Masih SMA? Pengen kuliah di luar negerii? Takut sama biaya yang enggak nahan mahalnya? Tenang! that’s not a big deal anymore! Enggak percaya? Datang aja ke open house Study in Europe, Sabtu 10 Maret 2012 pukul 14.00 s.d. 17.00 WIB di European Higher Education Office Jakarta. C’one Plaza, Jl. Let jend Suprapto No 62 Cempaka Putih.

Jangan lewatkan bincang-bincang mengenai Study in Europe, raih beasiswa yang ditawarkan, dan bawa juga berkas akademikmu (raport, ijazah) jika ingin langsung mendaftar. Makin cepat daftar makin besar kesempatan mendapatkan beasiswanya. Daaaan, acara ini GRATIS!!!

Like our fanpage : The European Higher Education
Meet our representative for Indonesia, Nadya. 

For more info and questions, ask here or tweet @eurohigheredu or on our facebook.

See you there!