Monday, February 21, 2011

Report from USA education fair, Jakarta!

Education. Everything about education always captivate me, a great enthusiastment come out. That is why on Sunday I went to USA education fair in Jakarta, Le Meridien. I spent 3 hours at there. I did not visit a lot of stands, why? I just did not want to. It was so good actually. I gained many informations abou education system in USA.

First of all, I was succeed made Roro join me, we went there by bus. When we were arrive, we just walked around. Then finally found Foothills and de Anza college, which Indah, my highschool mate, was sitting there as a volunteer for Aminef to promoto that college. We stopped there and asked some questions. Mr. Greg was very funny, he gave us a pencil. The pencil is very cute. When we stroke, the colour changed. Mine is purple changed into pink.

I took the opportunities to speak english as much as needed, well it was good, not too perfect but it just good. I like Foothills and de Anza colleger in California, the environment is very impressive. Also the experiences that they offer. Even though, North central college in Chicago more interested me. It is a traditional USA education, said the representative, it is nearby downtown, also near the entertainment place. It just perfect in my opinion.

The thing that made me more and more interested was the scholarship that offered, more than US$10,000. Isn't that a lot? Then I went back to the Foothills and de Anza college stand, it was no crowded anymore, I asked mr.Greg if there's any scholarship available. But he answered with funny! "None. Enggak ada harga khusus. Enggak ada harga bagi-bagi. Cuma ada harga bule." he said. It was hillarious! I amazed with his Indonesian language. Ahahhaha.

Further, I compared this with education in Netherlands, it so much different. In fact, Netherlands offers more benefit than USA for me. Not only cheaper, Netherlands also has much international students from more than 50 nationalities. While USA only approximately 60 people from 30 countries. For your information, why I say USA education are really expensive compared with Netherlands, in north central college it cost US$44,000 per year. How about Netherlands? Mostly it just cost Euro€7,500 per year maybe increase into €10,000 *include accomodation*.

One thing need to be noted, I really want to continue study to USA, but it just too expensive. Maybe on Magister, or Post-doctoral later. Amen. Impossible is nothing, right? To be honest, I already in love with Netherlands in anyway. it incline my desire sharply. Enchanted.

Over all, both Netherlands and USA have exellent education although have different benefits in different sides. The thing is we need to take higher education possible, not the USA or Netherlands. Unfortunately, education in Indonesia is terrible, far below par. I suggest to take study overseas, to rebuild Indonesia. Indonesia needs smart trusty generation, and that is us!

Have a great time.

Ketty Tressianah

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Sunday, February 20, 2011


Something that makes me never stop fighting for my future is only my dream. I dreaming high, then I action to actualizing it.

-Ketty Tressianah

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Do you know, what are the worst things in our live? Those are; we can not understand our feelings, we can not understand what we want for sure, we can not kill our fears by ourselves. And when someday we realise, the moment have been passed, too late.

-ketty tressianah
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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Film? bubar jalan!

Alangkah lucunya negeri ini!
Ini adalah sebuah judul film lokal yang (sepertinya) bagus, sayangnya saya belum sempat menonton sampai diturunkan dari bioskop. Jadi teringat salah satu lirik lagu Zeke Khaseli, inti liriknya adalah sekalinya ada film lokal bagus cuma bertahan 5 hari.

Hari ini semua orang heboh akan berita pemberhentian distribusi film dari luar Indonesia atau film impor di Indonesia. Permasalahannya cuma satu, pajak bea cukai yang kelewat mencekik.

Kilahnya sih memajukan perfilman lokal, sayangnya justru menunjukkan betapa terpuruknya akal pikir beliau. Kalau sampai film-film berkualitas tidak tayang di bioskop, lalu bioskop bangkrut, dimanakah tokoh perfilman lokal bisa menayangkan filmnya?

Sebenarnya saya sih setuju kalau sampai tidak ada penayangan film lokal, karena hampir semuanya film asusila. Film pembodohan. Film yang enggak menghibur, enggak bermoral, enggak juga berkualitas. Bermodal pornografi dan pornoaksi. Yang menonton dan bilang itu bagus, pasti bagus bukan ceritanya, paling bagus pamer badannya. Saya jujur, dan yang berpikiran waras mestinya mengakui hal tersebut. Buat apa coba, ada uu pornografi pornoaksi, sedangkan itu cuma jadi wacana. Nyatanya, prakteknya (selalu) nihil. Tapi...

Ya, ada tapinya! Tapi, saya juga sedih, masih ada tokoh perfilman nasional berkualitas, intelek, yang akan terancam terhambat kreativitasnya akan hal ini. Sungguh menyedihkan. Saya jadi membayangkan, bagaimana rasanya jadi saya tidak bisa menikmati film kesayangan saya di bioskop. Seperti Harry Potter ke-7 part 2. Sedih dan miris.

Seharusnya tokoh perfilman nasional itu berkaca, kenapa perfilman Indonesia enggak berkembang.

@Keketketty: Film Hollywood lebih laku drpd film lokal, knp? Harusnya filmmaker lokal mikir, film tuh yg penting KUALITAS bkn kuantitas!!

Semoga pembuat kebijakan yang gue enggak tau siapa, pemerintah yang mana, pejabat yang mana, bisa cepet-cepet jadi orang pinter dan enggak semena-mena mengambil keputusan.

Kebijakan yang memiliki "kuasa" atas sesuatu, melambangkan keadaan negara yang memberinya kuasa.

Harapan saya pastinya, generasi kita, generasi selanjutnya, bisa memutus mata rantai kebodohan dan juga ketidakadilan. Korupsi dan kekerasan dieliminasi. Amin. Seburuk-buruknya Indonesia saya tetap cinta, meski amarah dan kesal membuncah.

Depend on us!

Ketty Tressianah

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Short but worth

In a gentle way you can shake the world.
- Mahatma Gandhi

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Down for success

Have u felt like stupidest ever? I have! Well, that is what I feel today. It is really really bring me down. Even at the same time I slapped to be better very soon! What is it about? Well the only thing that could makes me like a yoyo is IELTS test. Ironic! *yes it is*

Several times I asked to my monsy, he said I'm not stupid, but I feel stupid. Why? It is easy! I just can't answer correctly for many practices that I did today as much as before when I took ielts course. Means my score was decrease. Pretty bad, I know...

Because of that, I promise to my self that it will never ever happen again, no reason exception. In addition, my test is getting close, on this Saturday. Fiuh!

However, I do not mean this post as a trashbin of my feelings. I just want to share, my own experience that guided my self to a deep fallen because of my unawareness. For you, all of you, who will face an exam even national exam, ielts, toefl, university test, or many other types of test, just remember : when you planning to be success, do not ever let your self flow the laziness or giving yourslef less-discipliness in anyway. Just do not!

It only four days to go, and I realised I become more not ready. The only way to make up this hot mess only super duper discipline practices! Another tips or advice or whatever u call it; do not let your self stuck on sadness, frustrated, downess, that is harmful!

What I really believe is when we have failed for once, second, third, and so on does not mean we are loser. We are failed for success. On the other hand, when more than three times you have failed, you need to take a time, think carefully, there is something totally wrong on you that is necessary to be changed. The key is never give up!

I love people who wants to fight for his/her dreams does not matter how impossible it looks like. In fact that my Almighty God proved has no limits. People who says impossible only people who scared of miracles and enchanting possible, for me.

Life is about choices. You choose for your own self. Freedom to choose is the greatest thing that given by God for us. Did not mean to be so-fuckin-religius just tell what I thoughts.

Over all, life is ups and downs. You choose your future. When your down, don't forget to wake up quickly, because time will never wait.

Monday's tips : 1. Try to love Monday, then your Monday become lovely.
2. A simple smile able to makes a significant changed.

Ketty Tressianah

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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Ayo menulis dan terbitkan!

Ehm, I'm not a professional author that have a lot of writing has been published. Neither a perfect writer nor the most creative one. I just want to share a piece of knowledge that I knew for people who loves writing and want to try to publish it. These are my tweets yesterday, but I thought it is good to be shared here too. Hope you enjoy!

Buat temen2 yg suka nulis dan mau menerbitkan tulisannya berbentuk buku, aku bakal kasih info nih!

Baca lagi tulisan kamu dan pastikan tidak mengandung SARA, tidak seronok, dan tidak kasar. Dan pastikan tulisan kamu enggak menjiplak.

Setelah yakin tulisanmu oke, periksa yuk penulisannya. Jangan GeDe KeCiL, disingkat2, atau font yg sulit terbaca. Naskahmu kan perlu dibaca.

Setiap penerbit punya kriteria masing2. Ex: @GagasMedia minimal 75 halaman A4, single space, font 12 tnr/ariel. Cari tau!

Setelah memenuhi kriteria dari penerbit, print out naskah tulisan kamu dan jilid yg rapih. Jangan dengan tinta yg mencolok; pink, kuning.

Sertakan juga sinopsis dan surat dari kamu menyertai naskah. Ini memudahkan editor untuk mengetahui naskah kamu.

Kirim naskah kamu ke penerbit, dan bersabarlah. Penerbit menerima ratusan naskah tiap harinya dan semua harus dibaca.

Kalau penasaran dengan nasib naskah kamu, boleh telp utk menanyakan kabar at least 3-6 bulan setelahnya. Enggak mungkin instant!

Sebelum dikirim, ada baiknya sebar naskahmu kebeberapa teman yg suka membaca dan tanya pendapatnya. Terima kritiknya!

Please jangan latah kalo bikin cerita kalo kamu enggak bisa membuat cerita jd berbeda. Misal: jadian sm artis korea. Hello!

Yang paling penting dalam menulis adalah, jadi diri sendiri, tetap nulis apapun bentuknya, banyak baca, dan logic.

Boleh mengidolakan penulis lain, tapi bukan berarti menyamai gayanya. Dan baca banyak genre!

Nulis cerpen dan novel berbeda sama nulis naskah film. Jadi jangan dikira mudah pindah2. Perlu sama2 belajar.

Enggak ada salahnya ikut workshop penulisan dari mana2. Ilmu itu mahal!

Pasti akan selalu ada penulis yg lebih baik. Tapi setiap penulis akan punya karakter sendiri. That's why u need to be ur self when writing.

Jangan pernah takut menulis. Selain bisa melegakan hati, meluapkan ide, jg bisa menghasilkan :)

Modal bagus buat nulis : kamus thesaurus. Kekayaan penulis adalah kata2 dan sudut pandang. Happy writing!

Yes that's all. Last but not least, no matter what keep writing, even on good mood or bad. Happy writing everyone!

Love and hugs,
Ketty Tressianah

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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Urgent! Indonesia really needs help in LAW system!

For all Indonesian readers, wherever you are, I ask your help to check this link out : it is about an inspiring girl from Indonesia, who did alots for youth, and also makes Indonesia proud, but because EXTREMELY-BAD-LAW she is in hard time. You'll know after read that post (which is I give the link) please, together we fight the unfairness and. Rebuild our multicultural rich and lovely country.

Best regards,
Ketty Tressianah
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Monday, February 7, 2011

LOVE and it's life

Stop complaining your partner when you cannot correcting yourself. You are not only hurt your partner, also hurt your self.
Talk about love, its like talk about unfinished journey. Never end. Sometimes it seems so wonderful, at the other times it feels so terribly hard. That is love. The real love. At least that what I could tell.

it starts with bitter-sweet-falling-in-love, some says it love at the first sight, some says it monkey love, some says it love which come because of comfortness. It has no absolute rules. It is subjective, it is flexible, it is free. It is not belongs to anyone.

Some people lucky enough to found their happiness, with action-reaction, love. They feel the amazing time that they never imagine. Laughs, suddenly all become funny. Smile, like sun spreads it bright.

While some people else feel broken. Unrequitted love. Unfinished business. Lies. They cry, they are falling, they are tired, they are sick. Sick when they feel the love inside their soul, biting slowly the whole life, then pressed tight until to breath for once they need all powers.

The roads never be so easy. Straight ahead, turn right, turn left, all have it's own disturbance.

In love, u give all patience, all affections, all precious things that u keep even unconsiderably. With higher hopes, that will never be useless. However, in the middle of the way, you will scared, will giving up, will not survive--At least u have think so for awhile.

This is about love, but not always about compliments and flirts. It is also not about what you have to give and what u will able to get. It is About the real. Reality. Want to share, to no body it can. What can you do when majority of people just think that is a ridiculous ever happen? In fact that you are happy to work with it. And that is love.

There are manythings will make your way so hard to be through, but belive that is an art of love. Long distance, religions, culture, race, etnics, beliefs, that is all only small figures will colouring your way of love. LOVE. L-O-V-E.

When girls wishing to be loved, spoiled, pampered. Then, boys thinking about sex, game, being loved, complicated. Needs a meeting point.

Other point need to be highlighted, when a relationship gets long, there is no more love left, only affections, sense of belongings, comfrtness, trust. The two of them should be working together to make it keep breathing. Understanding and open. That is back to ourselves, what you are hoping the relationship will be in the next seconds, minutes, and so on.

Love will not live forever, but care and trust do.
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