Friday, March 18, 2011

The Perfect Imperfect

It is a balads about love.
It is a balads for a boy out there.
It is a balads from a girl over here.
It is a simple way of loving...

I'm always sad whenever I feel disappointed with the way you love me.
I never can imagine if I will lose you someday, it just feels like do not have complete legs.
While I understand when I'm upset with your unpredictable mind and can not guess what will happen in the next second.
You do what people not, you do not when people do, you do whatever you want to do in anytime you think suit for that.
You are the king of birds in my forest.

You are not perfect, darling...
But let me tell you something, the truth that will forever true...
Your imperfectness makes you perfect in anyway.
You just the perfect imperfect one.
The one I really want to be with

Day by day we spend together in ups and downs
Oftenly madness breaks our logic, but it is fine.
As time goes by, we are closer and getting far then closer but it is fine.
Because I'm falling to you for many times.
I belong to you...

I don't care with the problems surrounding.
I don't see what is bad in you...
I believe you are here because you want to, and you want because you Love me.
No matter how seldom you tell me you love me.
No matter how busy you are...
I can see with my heart, you belong with me
And sincerely mine


With love for love for you...
But still loveable!
Ketty Tressianah

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