Monday, August 8, 2011

Guys' love

As a girl, im not that understand about boys, but what I found out just now : when a boy loves a girl he will seriously about it but doesn’t means he will change his life like what girl wants. While as a girl also, I know that sometimes or maybe most of the time we could not stand what really boys think. We do not know if he tells such a lie or the truth. It is happens just in all parts of the world.

Sometimes as a girl I felt such a fool begging for a boy’s honests and hoping he is keeping back on me whatever happens, but then I realized boys will always be boys. They are not that bad. I know they are always looking for other girls, keep doing what they love, keep thinking that girls are burden, but I also know they have such a beautiful love even oftenly we seen it in different ways. What we really wanna shout to them is, “Oh man, can you just tell me what is inside your head and stop messing up?” Well that’s gender always creates.

I want to cry if I see a girl got hurt by a boy, broken heart, the worst thing and the last thing we hope to happen, but that is the greatest teacher in our life. Because we know we will never ever can survive to live without the love. No matter boys or girls. Just it. What the most interesting about our life is wondering about our opposite sex’s mind about. It feels like walking through the door that we never find out what is behind it. Sometimes it fulls of fireworks which so wonderful and other times it fulls of fire that could make us begging to go out of there. We will never know, we will never can guessing. It God’s game.

I had much time confronting boys, blaming them for all mess in girls’ life, until I saw a real love from them. In case he loves a girl so much, he will be hard to be whatever girls want. For example, a party goer guy loves a really great heart it girl, he meant it, he loves her, but could not walk out from the clubs or could not stop attracted by girls, in fact the last thing he wants is losing his girlfriend. What his girl thinks? She is really upset with the way he behaves. What can she does? Absolutely nothing! No offend, that’s what reality reveals.

Until when we, girls, want to dreaming about our perfect prince charming whom riding a white horse? To be honest, we don’t have a bunch of time to keep it going like this. I mean, we are setting our guy to be exactly like what all we want, keeping mind that boys can think the same way we do as a logic, or force our guy to be stick with us like he just see every people are guys and the only girl alive is us. Oh come on, gals! We have to wake up!

I do not saying that all boys are good behind their bad behavior, I mean there are a lot of real bad guys either, but could we please stop pushing our love in relationship as a tie for our guy? We need to trust them, we need to give him chances to show how much he loves us, we need to understand his way of thinking. And definitely we should keep an eye on him as well. We have to make our rules that will not hurt both of us. We need to deal with it. Make it as flexible as it possible. But you are not allowed to be a stupid cat, who just sitting calmly while we know our guy just not love us or keep telling a lie and believe it is a truth although we know it is not, we are not allowed to run away from life or even denying the reality. Such a hardwork, indeed.

Believe me, when he loves you, trust him that he telling the truth, even in someway it will hurt a lot because he still on his way. You someday will figure it out, guys also have a pure love like we dreaming of in a whole life. They have their own way in love matter. That is why we are girls in love with boys. It is complicated, I admit, it also the lovely problem we are fight for. Hahaha. You have no idea, dude!




  1. Yeah, I definitely agree on this writing of yours. If a guy really loves his girlfriend then he will try to change his bad ways. I don't think a girl would settle for an irresponsible guy. After there are plenty of fish in the sea.

  2. I agree with what free online dating sites said. In fact, love is a two way stream and two people has to make the effort in making the relationship work out. If there's no reciprocation of feelings then it's better of alone than staying in a relationship when only one person does his thing and the other ignores.