Thursday, April 28, 2011

Bitter cupcakes

Hello, FELLAS!
Its been so long I haven't update.
I'm so sorry for this, I will be rarely update because the busy time preparing for university.
How are you my gorgeous readers?
How's life treats you?

I'm gonna do the second IELTS test this Saturday. I'm so sad that my last result is good enough but the faculty wasn't satisfied, so I need to retest.
I'm abit lost my spirit, pretty bad. But hopefully I'm lucky enough for the second chance.

Well, currently media throught out the world have been fussy about The Royal Wedding, Prince Will and Kate Middleton.
It is like wedding in fairy tales. Well I'm enjoyed to watching their news tho.
One thing buzzing my mind is Prince Will and Kate are so lucky, their love is strong and going so well.
While I feel the opposite. *galau mode : on*

I'm dreaming about romantic words everynite, I'm hoping sweet eyes look into mine, but I'm expecting too much I guess.
What I got are fighting, fighting, and fighting.
I'm bored with fighting.
Further, "sorry" isn't enought to breaks the cold war.
As usual he is gone and no updates. Du du du. Vervelend.

Is there anyone who wanna teach me how to be a girlfriend? HAHAHA.
Or is there anyone wanna scolding me until my ears deaf?
I'm pretty upset and disappointed.
Temper and Tense are becoming the king between me and him.

I'm going with him for more than a year, but for these two months we just have a piece of little time to communication and full with problems.
It must be something wrongs between.
If anyone has medicine to clearing memory, please contanct me. Desperately needed!

I regret I should write a sad thing in this post, but would u all understand? *crying like cinderella*
I need advices about relationship, before it changes to relationSHIT. Haha.

However, I'm pretty happy today. I just got home from Dhani's house. We had a small reunion. Hmm its bert friends meeting hahaha. There were Olin and me as usual ;) then Dhani, Iqbal, Roland, and Christandi. We were celebrating Olin's 19th birthday. And it was funny and lovely.

Tomorrow I'm gonna meet up with Kak Nadya, Indah, and hopefully kak rachma will join. We gonna busy gossiping about Hanze hahaha.
How about you?

Heel veel affections from me♥
Ketty Tressianah

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