Monday, October 22, 2012


Well after a while I finally made instagram account! YIPPIE!!!
So, follow my Instagram : keketketty
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Friday, October 19, 2012

Only Seven Left - Turn Your Head Around (Lyrics)

This song is hooked me!  <3 p="p">

A piece about you...

There is one name that always stuck in my head recently. I don't know his last name, I don't even know wether that is a real name or not, I don't care actually... I remember many little things he has done when he was around, he was very sweet, if that's enough to describe him. As simple as he sliced a bubble gum into two pieces and gave one to me. This one also being an act of tease my friends do to me when we have bubble gum. Again, that was sweet.

What makes my day full of thoughts about him is I never treated that well by any guys but him. Have you ever felt so special just with simple things someone did to you? It's not like tons of compliments, or flowers that he gave, he didn't do that. He gave me some small compliments (I prefer this way though, I'm way too hate to get sea of compliments: sounds fake.), he hold my hand in protective way, and he kissed me with passion and affection. He  is a good man, I believe...

I adore him so much, maybe I like him... Maybe it just a butterfly in my stomache everytime I remember the time we spent. It was too short. No sex! Yea, fortunately, amazingly, I can keep my virginity and he also respect me and keep it. He is damn awesome. It makes me like him even more.

However, I'm starting to lose my faith. He actually not as good as I ever thought. He broke me. I know that he doesn't feel the same way like I do. But he shouldn't act that way to runaway. He shouldn't gave me heavenly promises. If only he knew, I would never ever ask him to be my boyfriend, I would never tie him down, if only... he knows that I just want to keep in touch with him as a friend. Am I asking too much?

But then, there's no use to keep reminding what I really want. He is gone, maybe forever. What I need to do is just let him go, maybe if we are funnily lucky, we will meet again somewhere. I need to admit, he gave me a lot in only few hours. At least I know how it feels to be special, and I felt what every girl wants to feel. Let me stay true to my self, this is his loss. He maybe doesn't know that he just losing a good friend like me. Or maybe he loses his chance to get to know how awesome I am. Ha ha ha.

Well, because I want to and I havent done it, with this post I wanna say thank you to you, Canadian man! Ha ha ha, it was a pleasure to spent a lil time with ya! 

Meanwhile, let me enjoy this few moments when you're still stuck on my mind. Somehow, you'll ever miss me, you know, don't be afraid to say hi. Time will change a lot of things, I suppose. And I might say, you're gonna miss me... Like what Andy Grammer says in his song. 

So this is a piece of me that I share again after a long time.
May you all always inspired by every little things and stay grateful.
Heaps of love from your frontal blogger,

Ketty Tressianah 

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Bitter Fling

It was perfect night in a good summer
A glass of vodka mixed brought us to a kiss
The conversation that went so short but opened up ourselves
Took us on a hot dance 
Turned the desire up on the sands
Under the pretty full moon,
You said that you are attracted to me

How could I ever forget the warmth when I'm with you
Sweet kisses and tight hugs after midnight
The way you hold my hands and look straight into my eyes
You erased all the doubts I built to protect my self
You treated me like a queen

This is the worst feeling I've ever felt
You made me hoping too high
You shoot me with heavenly promises
As time goes by I realized that you're left

You left me breatheless in stupidity
I was the game

Don't know what the excuses you might have
Don't care the logic you try to shape
You break my trust
I never expect that you run from nothing
Because I actually think it was a fling
Something nice to remember
And we could be friends

This piece of writing is about my holiday in Bali 2012
27 Aug - 4 Sept. It was awesome and insane, but this person just had me at hello.

Dont you miss me?

Quote of the day :)

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I'm officially 20 years old

I aint need to blow a candle to have a wonderful birthday. My birthday is over 12 days ago. But being a newbie in 20's life is still confusing. I hope I can carry my self better. My wish to my self is I can be more productive and creative. I also can find my sparks in my life again.

I've celebrated my birthday in Kuta, Bali. I went to Kuta beach, helped my friends shopping, then watched sunset at Seminyak beach. Had a dinner with Papi and Mami also Gevi and Disty. Last I went to Sky Garden. The party was nice, not really special, but still great.

I'm so grateful for what I have so far. :)

Friday, August 17, 2012

20th Birthday Wish list

This is August!!!! Yesh, today is a special day for me, for my country, my nation. Indeed, today is The Independence Day of Republic Indonesia. In the age of 67, I really wish my country could be better in all aspects, especially education and laws.

Well, August is always be an exciting month for me, because I will face a new challenge. This year is quite hard for me to face. I'm leaving teenage life. *WOW* In less than 14 days I will be officially 20 years old. That's sounds scary... 

I never really ask for birthday present, but wishing isn't forbidden, so I'm writing down my wish list hereeeee! ha ha ha. Who knows, God loves me more this year and send me some angels to give all little things. lol. So here we go!

1. Iphone
2. Camera DSLR Canon (Yeah, as you know, my baby camera has been broken since Februari. My life is abit cranky without camera.)
3. Fuji polalroid brown
4. Java Soulnation 2012 ticket (I want to enjoy James Morrison's performance and Valerius. Pleaseee)
5. New boots!!!
6. New make up kit (never felt enough for this)
7. New leather jacket
8. Mineral virgin base make up by The Body Shop (I actually forgot the right name of it. But it's like foundation with brush and very smooth. Covers everything perfectly!)

Well, only these that I think make sense to wish. Because what I really  need is to be loved and my mom. Ha ha ha. Sounds like I'm an attention seeker, but let's deal with it. I kinda lonely lately. 

I also want to thank my girls for being there and gimme lots of hugs without asked. You gals know I need it. Thanks to Ditha, Gevi, Felice, Jessi, and Dila. I love you girls! 

So don't forget to mark your calendar, August 30th is my day. My holy birthday. Nah jk, my 20th birthday. I'M GETTING OOOOLLLLDDDD!!! lol.
I need to go to sleep now. Love you all as always. Purely.

Ketty xx

Friday, August 3, 2012

Because we're together in good and bad, especially in gloomy mood. love xx

shits in my heart

Hello readers, again i need to say sorry because I have no time to update my blog.  I should write some posts, but then I was too busy with my gloomy feeling. ha ha ha. Not attractive! lol. And I also spent so little time at home, I don't know why my anger is heated up whenever I'm home. For some reasons, I love to run away haha.

This is Ramadhan, fasting month. This is the second ramadhan i go through without my mom. It's even harder than before. I'm turning 20 by the end of this month. I plan to spend this golden time with my best friends in paradise. Hope it will be amazing.

Now, I'm in a stage that I find so hard to deal with. The stage where I'm searching for my future. As I've told before (long ago) I'm lost without my mom. So many sadness have been around me. Trapped me like a donkey. I don't want to stay this way for any longer. Seriously... I'm searching for what I can, what I want, what I need. Searching for guidances, affections, and motivation.

At the moment, Am actually burnt in anger, and I hate it. Why? I'm home and find my self disappointed. I jusr swallow it, the thing that I never able to understand why I can do it this long. It's shit.My life is turned into a mess. More drama happened.

I miss my mom even more. All my dreams seem blur, and I hate it. I feel uncomfortable with my self. I wasn't like this, I wasn't me. But who am I then? I carry the same name and body. I need my mom more than I used to. This life getting tougher, more unfair. Who I need to blame on?

I'm getting more closed, even to my own self. I'm scared that I can't survive. I'm afraid that I'll turn into a loser. The more I feel my self strange. I wish I won't though. It drives me crazy and depressed. But let us see, if God loves me more than I know, I probably will risen up sooner. :)

Friday, July 13, 2012

Happy Birthday Gevi!!!

July 8th, Gevi, my best friend, just celebrated her 20th birthday. Yes, unfortnately she left teenage life already. So in this new age, we wishing her can reaching whatever the best for her future. And probably hoping her to meet the right guy. ;)

We went to X2 in Saturday, July 7th, counting down to to her birthday. Then did crazy thing to make it hype! We ended the party with joy. She enjoyed her birthday, so did we. I'm glad I can made many people congratulate her at that time. hihi. love you babe!!

After slice the cake :D

me with the bday girl

with british boys 

The team!

What a small world! We met Rune, National Badminton Coach from NL, and Ed.

V&T photoshoot with Anastasia Praditha

How solid we are! :D

The TRIO ;)

Before it started

I love this one <3

How happy we are!

lovely arent we?

playing hide and seek?

Model for V&T : Anastasia Praditha (Miss Banten 2012)
Photographer : Ketty Tressianah
Stylist : Ghavio Avielgha
Designer : Ghavio and Ketty
Location : Tribecca park, Central Park Mall, Jakarta

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Watching DIO2012 matches in cheerful color outfit

Am abit lazy to write. haha. So on Friday 15 June 2012, Me, Gevi, and Ditha were watching the badminton matches live from Istora Senayan. None of us is a fan of it. But just wanted to experience the atmosphere. Here we are. but we actually enjoyed it.

Did you know, there was terribly hot?!

Just me being silly

sooo cheerful!

i was so green!

With Mas Fajar, he is LO athlete from PBSI

Ket x

Welcoming Dinner Djarum Indonesia Open 2012 and ME

Tuesday, 12 June 2012, Indonesia welcoming many athletes from different counties who participated in Djarum Indonesia Open 2012. Yes, that is an intenational badminton competition. Lucky, I got a responsibility to be a coordinator of LO for 12 athletes who wore Wayang custome for the welcoming dinner that day. Me and my other nine friends worked together in black blazer and (mostly) red dress.

Our responsibility was simple, but sure it was tiring. I was run from one tower to another tower with a loose 12 cm heels. Yea, congratulation for me. Glad that it went well so no complain we got.

It was precious experience where I can gathered my friends from different backgrounds into one team and we all get along very well. We were joking uncontrolably and closer. That made me so happy. We also got suling bamboe or bamboe flute, instrument from West Java, Indonesia. Although until now I cant play it hahaha.  

here is the pictures of us. I wont tell much... :p

the girls before transformation :)

Athletes' LO

Jan O'Jorgensen, Denmark Single Man player. He is super cool! We adore his tattoo :3

Yes, girls... Don't be jealous, he is LEE YONG DAE. 

Lee Yong Dae, Yuhan Tan, and Jan O'Jorgensen in wayang customes

Petya N from Bulgaria and Ashwini Polappa from India

Lianne Tan, sister from Yuhan Tan, also from Belgium.

Chris Adcock, England Double Mix Player, he is hilarious!

The males wayang entering the ball room.

Ditha, Taufik Hidayat, and me. YES! Taufik wore Gatot Kaca custome.

me tried the crown for female wayang hahaha in toilet!

When the dinner almost over, we just too tired.

Anna, Triawan, me, and Wita.
blowing kiss!

our tiring face in cheerful mood

The full team (minus Ditha) after the event

OH LOOK! How bossy i was! lol

Eja with the girls.

Tyo with the girls.

Triawan with the girls.

Bella and me

i love this one!


how complicated it was!
here is the video of the welcoming dinner. I also got framed if you can see well. hahaha.

I wish I could experience it more longer than few hours that day.
Ketty x