Monday, February 21, 2011

Report from USA education fair, Jakarta!

Education. Everything about education always captivate me, a great enthusiastment come out. That is why on Sunday I went to USA education fair in Jakarta, Le Meridien. I spent 3 hours at there. I did not visit a lot of stands, why? I just did not want to. It was so good actually. I gained many informations abou education system in USA.

First of all, I was succeed made Roro join me, we went there by bus. When we were arrive, we just walked around. Then finally found Foothills and de Anza college, which Indah, my highschool mate, was sitting there as a volunteer for Aminef to promoto that college. We stopped there and asked some questions. Mr. Greg was very funny, he gave us a pencil. The pencil is very cute. When we stroke, the colour changed. Mine is purple changed into pink.

I took the opportunities to speak english as much as needed, well it was good, not too perfect but it just good. I like Foothills and de Anza colleger in California, the environment is very impressive. Also the experiences that they offer. Even though, North central college in Chicago more interested me. It is a traditional USA education, said the representative, it is nearby downtown, also near the entertainment place. It just perfect in my opinion.

The thing that made me more and more interested was the scholarship that offered, more than US$10,000. Isn't that a lot? Then I went back to the Foothills and de Anza college stand, it was no crowded anymore, I asked mr.Greg if there's any scholarship available. But he answered with funny! "None. Enggak ada harga khusus. Enggak ada harga bagi-bagi. Cuma ada harga bule." he said. It was hillarious! I amazed with his Indonesian language. Ahahhaha.

Further, I compared this with education in Netherlands, it so much different. In fact, Netherlands offers more benefit than USA for me. Not only cheaper, Netherlands also has much international students from more than 50 nationalities. While USA only approximately 60 people from 30 countries. For your information, why I say USA education are really expensive compared with Netherlands, in north central college it cost US$44,000 per year. How about Netherlands? Mostly it just cost Euro€7,500 per year maybe increase into €10,000 *include accomodation*.

One thing need to be noted, I really want to continue study to USA, but it just too expensive. Maybe on Magister, or Post-doctoral later. Amen. Impossible is nothing, right? To be honest, I already in love with Netherlands in anyway. it incline my desire sharply. Enchanted.

Over all, both Netherlands and USA have exellent education although have different benefits in different sides. The thing is we need to take higher education possible, not the USA or Netherlands. Unfortunately, education in Indonesia is terrible, far below par. I suggest to take study overseas, to rebuild Indonesia. Indonesia needs smart trusty generation, and that is us!

Have a great time.

Ketty Tressianah

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