Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Rest In Peace my dearest friend

When i was in Junior High School, my school had Senior High School also. At that time, i had some close friends from Senior High School. We were so close because everyday we were chatting, talking, joking, discussing, texting, or calling. I remember i gave some of them a nickname, such as daddy, uncle, etc. Its been 4 years since i graduated from JHS. I miss them. But what made me miss them more is one of them, one of my close friends dead. He is Januar Yudhistira Pranata Putra. Maybe Indonesian, would know, he is one of three police that killed in Palu, May 25th 2011.

He was very kind in his life. Sincererity. Humble. Religious. Friendly. He is killed by unknown people. The just came by and shooting brutally then my friend and his colleague killed instantly. It just a sad story. Tragic way to die. Hopefully he gets the best place in heaven Rest In Peace my dearest daddy, Yudhi, all of your friends and i always love you.

These are moments when i spending time with him and others.

For all of you who involving this killing action, please choose your target wisely. He just a good police that wouldnt become an obstacle for you. Do you feel proud had been killing a good person for many people?


  1. Rest in peace... Turut berduka cita ya Ketty...

  2. My condolences to you friend. I know of the shootings. A terrible crime to shoot, but even more so to shoot the innocence, for what is left behind is suffering, regret, unresolved anger, questions and loss. May God bless and that you find your way again. Thank you God you got to know someone like him, maybe that might offer some joy and maybe one day, happiness, I promise you, will return to you. Take care, take your time and God bless you and your friend! May he Rest in Peace! AMEN!