Thursday, December 30, 2010

update me

Goede middag, vrienden!!
Hoe gaat het met je? Alles goed? Ik ben prima!

Today is my last day at work. From tomorrow i will not working here anymore. And Im totally free! Yihaaaaa!
And im excited to welcoming the new year. 2011.
Its a great experience to work here, but its not comfort for me, so thats why im quit.

Now, im seriously learning english and dutch. I need to fluent in english. Yeah to continue my life and unleash my dreams. Please pray for me.

Thats all. i will posting something interesting later ok?
just wanna info this thingy. bye bye

classical luxurious

Happy Thursday allemaal!!!

I had love Thursday so much, when i was in High School. :)

Today, i wanna share a little about a thing i really want!
Hopefully i will have it soon. Amen.
I think its fit in fashion category. well let see it!

yep its a luggage!
A leather luggage.
I heart it so much!
its classical and luxurious.

Is there anyone will buying me this thing? lol

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

About future...

Hi everybody, good afternoon!
Its lunch time here, and my office so scary, only 4 people here. LOL.
I cant wait for tomorrow, because i will face my lonng holiday soon!
And now, i wanna tell you guys and gals, my lovely blogreader, about my day yesterday.

December 28, 2010, again its an intake session for Hanze University at Neso Jakarta. And i went there with my friend Indah. And one boy joined us, he is Abibong, Indah's friend. We are going together. At Neso, we were looking around and read the brochures. Met Mbak Uchi, and of course the lovely one, our representative, Kak Nadia.
it is Ms Nadia

We talked alot yesterday, and laughing non stop. We talk about the procedure and all the matters, all the advantage, all the shopping thingy, etc. I dont wanna loose my chance to go there, to Netherlands. And groningen already stole my heart. *cheesy*

Me and Indah

And after that, we went to Roti Bakar Eddy to get some dinner. yeah! Then went home.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Talk about feeling

Hello people, hows you? I hope youre in good mood and condition.
I will share about something so crutial for us, feeling.

Here, in Indonesia, labil (unstable emotion/labile) and galau (confusion/hubbub) are very very very popular. Because its usually happens. When people feels it, spontanously their tweets so emotional. And some of them put witty status or quotes. Do not be surprised, if account like The Daily Love, Itwitquote, ihatequotes, damnitstrue, etc being popular and got alot followers.

Have you felt like that? No? yes? Doesnt matter, its a normal life.
And enjoy this all.

Well to be honest, im often feel galau or labil too. So thats why i have it all. HAHAHA.
But seriously, im happy with my love.

the greatest thing i feel now is, i feel loved and loving.

Love y'all,

Ketty Tressianah
xoxo avdp xoxo

Monday, December 27, 2010

2011 Resolution

Hello, good morning Indonesia.
Its a lovely Sunday, isnt it? Even i still covered by sad because Indonesia Soccer Team lost from Malay with pretty significant point, i still enjoy my life.
Yeah, im not that happy today.
Well about soccer, i felt misunderstood with the handsball without any punishment, thats unfair! And the laser thingy. Well, i hate last night match. Not fair.
But with all sportiveness we admitting that we are lost on that match.

Well today should be a nice day if i could go to attend GLC meeting at Provoke, but unfortunately not. So sad. I know guys, you all miss me. LOL.

And here is the topic we will talk about, new year is coming so soon.
Its 27 already. Well 3 days remainings. Im shocked that i havent made any resolution yet. Its unusual. Well im totally shy to share this resolutions, but because im frontal, and crazy, i will do it! hahaha.

My wish for 2011 is a great new year and new happiness in life, everythings getting better and smarter. Amin.

My resolutions is...
  • Lose weight (as always)
  • Stop biting nails
  • More smarter and sweeter
  • fluently in english
  • doing more sports
  • Spend alot of times with lovely friends
  • Make film again
  • Writing alot
  • publish a book
  • study abroad
  • spread a lots of cares and loves to many people
  • More fashionable
That is it!
How about you guys?
And do u have any suggestion, which fashion blogs or webs i could visit?
thanks everyone.


Ketty Tressianah

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Happy Christmas

We wish you a merry christmas...
...and the happy new year!
For all people who celebrate christmas, i'd like to say Happy Christmas!!
Hope this white christmas bringing all the joy and happiness.

Friday, December 24, 2010

click for me :)

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Karena suara jelek maka harus mengumbar suara

Hello folks, good afternoon!
Yuhu, its Thursday and it means i will reaching home so late, because i need to go to The British Institute first after working.

And because its nearly christmas (enggak ada hubungannya) i wanna share about something. hahaha.

Kemaren gue mampir ke rumah partner gue, Ditha. Dia baru bangun, dan dengan sukses gue membangunkannya dengan PING!!! di bbm. haha. Gue agak bingung ketika menemukan sebuah radio agak jadul di samping bantalnya. Dan rasa ke-ingin-tahu-an gue menggelitik. Walhasil dapetlah jawaban kalau dia punya teman yang sekarang jadi penyiar di salah satu radio lokal di BSD. Dan dia menyuruh gue daftar hahaha.

Di menit beriutnya alhasil nongol lah pengakuan bahwa kita berdua yang emang doyan tampil pengen jadi penyiar tapi kurang dari segala hal. Suara enggak enak, enggak jago ngomong, garing, enggak enggak enggak dan enggak deh. Dan kita sharing dengar mendengarkan rekaman suara saat dia dan gue on air di radio. Kebetulan gue pernah siaran di Global radio dalam program global dips. Lalu juga pernah di interview MD radio. Dan eng ing eng, yak malu hati suara enggak secantik pengharapan. Ditha juga sempet on air di radio tempat temannya siaran itu. Yah sedih bukan main. *lebay*

Walhasil kita punya rencana biasa aja yang mungkin gila, yaitu mau nyoba siaran sendiri, apa lagi internet memungkinkan segala hal. awww. Hahaha. Idealis kita juga nyenggol, niat kalau itu terlaksana kita bakal memutarkan lagu teman-teman kita. Misal band kakak gue, band gebetannya ditha, atau atau atau lainnya.

Kebayang kan betapa maruknya seorang gue dan Ditha? Jurnalis iya, penulis iya, film maker iya, blogger iya, dan mau nambah lagi jadi announcer? wow! hahahahaha. Geli sendiri kalo ngebayanginnya. But it worth to try.

Dan buat semua pengnjung blog gue, gue akan menghadirkan rubrik baru di blog gue di 2011. Tokoh-tokoh muda yang bisa menginspirasi. Example, Ninies yang merupakan salah satu peserta Global Change Maker Youth Summit ke London kemaren. hmmm. Okay, gimme info ya kalau ada yang mau di bahas diblog ini. Thanks :)

My fave runway model

I Heart a girl named Anna de Rijk. She is a runway model from Netherlands. Born in 1988, and signed first in 2006. Has a unique face and wonderful eyes. One think i really love from her is she still looks natural in daily life, even she is a supermodel. And always looks standing out in every performances.

Dolce and Gabbana






Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Happy Mother's day

Happy Mother's Day for all mothers in Indonesia.
Especially for my mom, the best mom ever!
I can give nothing, only one Magnum ice cream.
Because its chocolate, which can makes happy and less stress.
Mom, thanks for everything.
I love you mom!! <3

I Love Batik! And hype it!

Supergirl, humble, smart, and fashionable.

I think, i dont need tell alot why i adore this super talented and impressive girl. I really inspired by her. Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson. She think that education is really important. And also still humble and cares for the environment. She is always fashionable and artistic. I heart Emma Watson! <3 style="text-align: center;">
She looked like a doll

I love this one!

gorgeous one!

And here is her new style!

I hope i can be like her. Well i need to work hard to be like her. Hype Emma!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Welcome to Jakarta!!
The capital city of Indonesia.
the city which never sleep.
Everyday, everyhours, everymonths.
*well except in Ied Mubarak celeb
Full with malls.
Full with traffic jam.
Full with freedom and democration.
Its Jakarta.

My city.
My hometown.

Trans Jakarta

EX entertaintment center mall

Traffic jam

Plaza Indonesia mall

jakarta's night

Gandaria City mall

Christmas Tree in Mall Taman Anggrek

bundaran Hotel Indonesia

Pondok Indah Mall 2

Photos by : google