Friday, January 20, 2012

be who you must be

it pretty much says what i feel.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Naive mind

All the time I always checking my phone, waiting for a reply only from you
Sometimes, I forget about what I supposed to do, or how to be cool
Oh.. I'm just sick of my days without you
I don't give a damn about what people think of you
I just like you because you comfort me n manyways
Somehow, it just not easy...
Like more than thousand reasons to make us stuck apart

Until when we will hiding all inside?
If your heart felt what I feel, why don't we give it a try?
Or you don't feel it...?
Nobody says it's easy, but no one says it would be that worthless
As long as we never tired to fight again against the shitty logics that often exist
We just need to wait...
Till the time bring us the right one
Either us together, or maybe we congratulate each other

Don't let a tear appears just because you hate the situation
Harder it seems, crazier we demanded to be
Smile please... that one will never wrong
Even later, we only have moments to remember...

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2012 AND ME

This is how I look in 2012. 
Hopefully in this year i'll be prettier, contented more, and can go forth.
the only resolution for this year is i could continue my dreams or at least go to uni.
Since my mom passed away, i don't even have any reason to live.
I am a good actress, aren't I?
But well, no time for drama! c: