Thursday, August 29, 2013

Unlucky about love

Few days ago a friend of mine said something that actually kinda surprised me, but sounds true. She said, "Wah, Ket, why you're always unlucky about relationship." Yeah, it was retorical question. I always seem lucky at first, but after 2 to 4 months it goes terrible messy. Nah, it's not like I was super sucks at it, I was just loving so much. And I guess It freaked the guys out, somehow. Sad isn't it?

Honestly, what I want is very simple. I don't mind to be away for long, even though I'd be missing him a lot, if it's about the job or whatever he passionate about, I would. Going the distance is damn hard, but it's possible, huh? I don't mind to listen him for hours even I actually want to share something, but to listen whatever he feels is a great thing for me, means he trusts me to know what he feels. I don't mind sleep on the ground, eat street cheap food, even wearing rubber sandal. Because all I want is only him

I want him to let me know most of things. If he is busy, I'd leave him alone, but tell me. If he isn't comfortable with what I say / do, I'd love to be critized, but tell me. I'm just a girl. A girl that loves to be loved and gets attention. 

I agreed. I truly am, I'm easily affected by good moments and take it too serious. But if only you would say it clearly or wait abit until it passed, I'll be back to normal. I'm just a girl, I'm not a mind reader that can understand what would he thought. It's sad... I know...

Experienced a bad broken heart taught me to be strong and through the days to love my self more. Unfortunately, I've been raised educated to share the love to love my self. That was what my mom always showed me and guided me to do. She loved everybody. It made her happy even in the last moment she lived. Some one said, I am helpless romantic. I don't know, is it true or not.

At this point what I have to do now.  Is there no love for me from a guy that I like? Is it that bad? Or am I too good like what some people said? Behind great woman there's a lot of hurts. ugh.