Monday, February 7, 2011

LOVE and it's life

Stop complaining your partner when you cannot correcting yourself. You are not only hurt your partner, also hurt your self.
Talk about love, its like talk about unfinished journey. Never end. Sometimes it seems so wonderful, at the other times it feels so terribly hard. That is love. The real love. At least that what I could tell.

it starts with bitter-sweet-falling-in-love, some says it love at the first sight, some says it monkey love, some says it love which come because of comfortness. It has no absolute rules. It is subjective, it is flexible, it is free. It is not belongs to anyone.

Some people lucky enough to found their happiness, with action-reaction, love. They feel the amazing time that they never imagine. Laughs, suddenly all become funny. Smile, like sun spreads it bright.

While some people else feel broken. Unrequitted love. Unfinished business. Lies. They cry, they are falling, they are tired, they are sick. Sick when they feel the love inside their soul, biting slowly the whole life, then pressed tight until to breath for once they need all powers.

The roads never be so easy. Straight ahead, turn right, turn left, all have it's own disturbance.

In love, u give all patience, all affections, all precious things that u keep even unconsiderably. With higher hopes, that will never be useless. However, in the middle of the way, you will scared, will giving up, will not survive--At least u have think so for awhile.

This is about love, but not always about compliments and flirts. It is also not about what you have to give and what u will able to get. It is About the real. Reality. Want to share, to no body it can. What can you do when majority of people just think that is a ridiculous ever happen? In fact that you are happy to work with it. And that is love.

There are manythings will make your way so hard to be through, but belive that is an art of love. Long distance, religions, culture, race, etnics, beliefs, that is all only small figures will colouring your way of love. LOVE. L-O-V-E.

When girls wishing to be loved, spoiled, pampered. Then, boys thinking about sex, game, being loved, complicated. Needs a meeting point.

Other point need to be highlighted, when a relationship gets long, there is no more love left, only affections, sense of belongings, comfrtness, trust. The two of them should be working together to make it keep breathing. Understanding and open. That is back to ourselves, what you are hoping the relationship will be in the next seconds, minutes, and so on.

Love will not live forever, but care and trust do.
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