Sunday, May 20, 2012

Shit to be girl in Jakarta

Living in Indonesia, especially Jakarta is fun but challenging. Since I was born, I never moved to another city or province. Well yes, I don't exactly living in central Jakarta, but Tangerang still counted as Jakarta's part though. As a girl, I always love to dress well. I love skirts and heels. I actually enjoying travel with public transportation, because I like to watch people. I can let my mind wander around while I'm in public transportation. I also able to explore my imagination in it. But being in public sometimes is not nice, especially when there are so many people from middle class to lower.

Besides that Indonesian people are judge mental *including me sometimes lol*, people like uneducated or who live under poverty line have such a rude mouths. I started to hate to live here. But somehow, I can't leave this giant city.

Just imagine, for almost 20 years, everything is closer hand, you meet the crowd like everytime, skyscraper buildings are on your left and right sides, so many malls around you, really... Metropolitan, they say. However, in this very modern and never sleep city, I feel so upset, disappointed, frightened, annoyed by my people *Indonesian-red*.

One thing that I experience every single day is people whistling at you, saying shits like "miss, you are so sexy", verbal sexual harassment , or judge you wildly. That's happen... all the time. I sometimes burnt in anger, want to hit them with a huge stone, or shoot them with a gun, but I have no power. Am not able to saying rude words either, i dont want to provocate. It just shit.

This is happened again to me today. I went to Kota Tua (old town) area in East Jakarta. It wasn't the first time I go there. First I arrived there, I felt so unhappy. Why? Have I told you I hate too crowded place? Then yes, there were so fucking crowded. Then I hate the clothes I wore today, It wasn't sexy buuut... a little bit see-through, so I considered that my bra were seen. I've tried to cover my front side with my hair, still though I wasn't comfortable.

They shouted shits in many ways to us. yes, I went there with Ghavio and Ed. Once said "That bule *foreigner, esp white people-red* is smart, he's got pretty girls!"(mostly bule choose maid-type of girls. doesnt mean to offend anyone but that's the fact). There also people said "miss... miss..." *neng... neng... if translated to Indonesian*, "girl with red clothes.", "mister... mister..." *calling the foreigner* or even just "Hey" but in frightening way. Tell me those are nice, then I'd shove yer throat with knife! (cruel huh?)

I dont know... It's hard to explain, it just not good. ah ya, remember one more thing. When we were in the taxi and going home, there was a middle aged woman carrying a baby, she was knocking the window. Me and Ghavio told Ed to say "No" and put a hand up to show her that we wouldnt give her money. Ed refused to do that, she didnt want to go away, so, me and Ghavio did that. You know what she said? "Bitch!" Yes, it reffers to the girls of course. Which are... me and Ghavio. What the hell is wrong with you, woman?

Well... Welcome to Jakarta! Anyway, I still love this city alot. hahaha.

Blow kiss,
keket xx

Drama Queens' Time

Bestfriend forever. That's what we need in life beside love, family, and knowledge. Today is a wonderful day, i must say so because eventhough it's not the best day in my life, I got something to learn today. Have you ever upset and realized whatever you've done, and come to the conclusion that a bad thing happened was because of your own fault? That's what actually happened to me tonight.

I spent the evening with, Gevi, have I told you all about her? Well, she is my best friend. She is currently the one that updated the most about me. People started to say that "where there is Ketty then there is Ghavio (Gevi)." Ha ha ha. But, honestly, we both are scared that our friendship will be screwed. That is also the reason we try to tell the truth to each other.

Back to the main idea of this post, we've sat in Starbucks Kedoya for hours. I started to analyzing what happened in my life recently. From the ups till the downs. I, finally, learnt to accept that I did something wrong. I believe, like usual, every bad thing happens in our life is always has a good impact. I can't explain everything perfectly, not even close, not as perfect as i want. At least, I want to tell that I can let something go. Huff, we were cry at there. What is it about? Feeling? well yea sort of.

I officially by this want to ask for your (you all, people) forgiveness if I ever offending you, intimidating you with my questions, being so bossy, stubborn, arrogant, break the rules, talking too much. I may not be able to show it, but I actually love and care to you, guys. In my own way. (This post is really random and has no structure but just enjoy this) Back again to our friendship issue, haha.

Some points about us :

  • we both are... attention seekers!
Well, as the subtitle of this says, yes we both are attention seekers. But in different way. I can't really explain attention seeking style from each of us. ha ha ha.

  • we both are... DRAMA QUEENS!
I don't have to tell why, rite? We are lebay (Indonesian slang) / overdrijven (Dutch) / over reacting. We make every little thing like a big thing. haha. Maybe it's one of reasons why we are close. XD

  • we both are... like to sing.
  • we both are... love to dance.
  • etc.
Further more, came out from nowhere, i feel an urge to list what I like from my self. I don't know if it's important or not. I just want to let it out. Well you might be shocked, or annoyed. 
  1. Foto genic *This is very true! I always look good in picts, well most of the time. lol*
  2. Easy to get along with people
  3. Brave
  4. Confident *most of the time*
  5. Creative
  6. A good lovers
  7. Faithful *hahahahaha*
  8. Want to try many new things
  9. Silly
  10. Freak somehow and I love it sometimes lol
  11. Able to write well. *in Bahasa Indonesia i guess haha*
  12. Care to my friends
  13. Beautiful hair
  14. Frontal
  15. Passionate and affectionate
  16. Good in giving massage *not plus plus massage, not to tell* ;)
  17. Have a good skin tone 
  18. Not too short not too tall
  19. A fast learner
  20. Good in cooking
  21. Have heaps of experiences in life
  22. I can eat almost every food
Bzzzz... sounds boring isnt it? mwahaha. Those are some things that I like about my self. If you don't agree then fuck off. hahaha. *this is my personal blog, so I am the GOD here!* 

So... Hopefully our friendship will last forever. So does my friendship with others. I guess I'm verkouden now, so good time to end this post. 

Keket xxx

Monday, May 7, 2012

L-O-V-E by Joss Stone (Disty, Ghavio, Ketty)


Nobody is perfect...
That quote is overused until it losts it's meaning. Well... at least, for some people, it's nothing. Although, this quote is the fact that we have to admit all over again. Literally, nobody is perfect... in anyway. Sometimes, people tend to force themselves to be "perfect", which is... never exist. Change the look for hundreds or even thousand times, try too hard to be someone else just to get a label "perfect", again... which is never exist.

Everyone is always loves to look good, including my self. But... should we forget, opinion is subjective? No one has absolute opinion, that we can take for granted. People judge, indeed. But what will happen when people judging and we still do the same fool again and again? Stupid? Retard? Moron? You name it...

See, I'm just judging in the paragraph above. So, do I have the power to make my opinion, my judge, become something serious to trusted in someone's whole life? Hmm... I guess no. I don't say that my opinion is nothing, but in fact, it's not something that creates your future. Same as other people's opinion...

"We are born this way..." that's what Lady Gaga says. Logically, we're born this way is half true half wrong. For some reason, what make us like now, like me, like you, like them, is... our way of thinking. As you know, people will always judge. However, people's opinion is just opinion. We are the one who has responsibility to take it wisely. If it's a bad one, then take a look at ourselves, make a change. Take it as stepping stone to be a better us (me, you). While, if it's a good one, again, take a look at ourselves, does it a real compliment or a way to make us worse? I mean, when we are feeling too happy because of other's judgement we tend to forget who we are.

From what I've learnt so far, what make us precious as we are is our acceptance for our own selves. If you don't love yourself, how can people love you? That's make sense, somehow. When we change ourselves and labeling it by ourselves, we have to understand well what we've done, we have to understand really really well who we are and what label we can declare. Do I need to mention that when we change ourselves to be what people call "cool", "swag", or even "perfect" is something worst and the least to do?

The more you try to be "perfect", the farther you are from perfection itself.

I feel an urge to say, eventhough it's oversaid, what makes you counted are your brain, your heart, and your personality. The strong character that nobody is able to copy or deny. If you want to change yourself, don't change the look and your interest but change your way of thinking of yourself. Change your bad habits. And make sure, your change is for your own good, not for others especially others' acceptance. Because when you change your look or your interest for others, you don't rise up your pride but lowering it. The choice is yours.

Respect and love,
Ketty xxx

Friday, May 4, 2012

Call me maybe - Carly Rae Jepsen (Gev, Dis, & Ket)

Koninginnedag / Queen's Day of Netherlands

Monday might the day when people hate to start their activities, but Monday 30 April 2012, I couldn't even wait. Koninginnedag or Queen's Day is a celebration that Dutch people do every 30 April. And for Dutch citizen who work in Indonesia, it's almost impossible to just celebrate it in their home country. So the embassy of The Netherlands create regular event every 30 April in Jakarta.

Lucky for me, I was invited to attend this event this year, after learning the language at Erasmus Taalcentrum for more than a year. I didn't know i was so happy that I got the invitation. And time is came, I asked Ghavio to accompany me. We just came like a celebrities, or only me felt so. lol. I was glad I was able to meet my course friends after passed the examination. 

Further more, in the event it self, because almost all the guests were Nederlanders and we didn't know who they are, so we were playing Dare challenge. We need to stop someone and find some information about them. Well  this event ended up so fun for me and my friends. We also met a gang of Ducth guys who just moved here for few weeks. They're fun!

If only my birthday cake was this big 

Oh two girls for one guy, he was lucky wasnt he? lol

my friends at Dutch Course + Ghavio

We were the MC of Taaldag, weren't we so pretty? *hueks*

My victim. lol. 

Ghavio liked the guy who looked like Italian hahaha

kak Maria and her husband, Pak Guru Bouma

And the gang!

A lil bit important to declare here, my dress is my own design, pretty isn't it? mwahaha. Well look ordinary from the front side but cute on the back side. While the batik I use, i've bought it in February in Bali. aaaah i miss Bali. Bring me there puhlease!

So these are few pics from Koninginnedag. Jelly? haha.

Ketty xxx

Thanks Ce

Become older means we need to be a better person in everyhing, somehow. We have to understand why this and that happening without blaming in the beginning. Sounds hard, isn't it? But then, as time goes by, and when we keep walking through days by days with chin up, then it doesn't even that matter.

In one year time, I've lost many precious person and things in my life. Since my mom passed away, I need to live stronger than I've had ever imagine. Not long ago, I need to stop doing what I really love to, then now, someone that had gave me alot of chances and experiences also guidance left for a better job.

She is like a sister for me. Since early 2008, first time I met her in one of big media company, we two become closer. Not that closer, not like everyday sharing all crap, no. Kind of complicated to explain. She is always support me, gives me advices that make me stronger and love my self more.

People will not find what the matter is, but it is matter for me. You know, something change. I talked to her few hours ago. She still gave me advice, she told me that I have so much in me, I need to use it wisely and positively. It, somehow, bring my self back to reality. I need to stop runaway. I need to face the life, no matter how blur my future is. I need to continue my dreams. She is able to move on, to step higher, so do I, I suppose.

Ce, thanks for everything. I'm so lucky that you are always nice and love me. I wish you all the greatest, as I said to you. You're the best. xxx