Friday, January 30, 2015

Affair with words

Being a writer sometimes flies me too high and blows my mind till I forget how much benefits that reading gives.

Have no job to do in daily dose brings my long-time-forgotten passion breaking through the hard shell of mine. Write here and there little by little likes lite a fire in me.

Then... I forget one thing. Read! Yeah, the more you read, the better you write. Today I spent a chitchat with a fun-spirit young Balinese girl, we somehow ended up talking that I am a writer. She told me excitingly that she enjoys reading.

Here I am now, finally realized how little I read lately. Books? I have more than much. Time? So plenty till I forgot how it feels to be busy. Saw a post of my beloved inspiring person, emak, about her newest blog post tickled me too hard to resist. Scrolling down the page, read every word lovingly. Feels too good!

Now, I can say I'm in love with words all over again. in reading or writing. Sometimes what we  discussed with other people remind us what we forget.

Now I'm ready to make love with books again!

Monday, January 26, 2015

After 12 years

"Camera... Roll.. ACTION!!" 12 years ago, those words were daily took in almost everyday dose. Being on set of a TV series, TV comedy show, anything like that. Acting and being centre of attention are two things I mastered. Good times though kind of embarrassing to remember.

I used to spent time with a group of kiddos whom did the same thing as I am. Our parents did too. At that moment, we believed that we could conquer the world and will be friends for a life time. Not all happening indeed.

Different interest and social environment tear us apart as strangers. Not entirely able to blend in rightaway. However I try hard to maintain the friendship. Hard as rock I must say. You have to ask multiple questions to build and find a little common perception whatsoever.

Well, gratefully I finally met up with one of my childhood art friend. Yes, I called it art, cause action and performing are part of art too, right?

Since I moved to Bali, good things become crystal clear. What's so close sometimes be a very far ones. I met Callina, just yesterday happened. She unplannedly in Bali, I saw her update on path then I threw the idea to meet up. Then the day went so fun!

We spent amount of time stranded on a beautiful clear blue beach and got heaps of nice pictures. Had dinner with lots of laughs and then saying see you again by the airport.

Oh yes, I hate how much I look fat in the pictures. However, my size doesn't define how quality of life I have here like misery I have being fat again. lol. I'm totally in happy and gladfully phase. Oh how God is so great. Put more reasons for me to be thankful. #365daysofthankfulness #day26 #2015forabetterme

Ketty xxx

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Day 8 of #365daysofthankfulness

Hey there!

I currently writing with the balinese gamelan music as a background, at my yoga studio. So nice with some dark orange nuances around me and some green all over the places. My pepermint tea is still hot. I just finished the Superflow Vinyasa Yoga for today. What a blast! I can't thank enough for this amazing daily dose I have during my stay in Bali. God is great indeed.

8 weeks I've been living here. Facing all the good and bad by the moment. Happy new year. Some tears have shed though it makes me stronger along. So many things I wanna share makes me lost on words.

I'm missing my best friends in Jakarta, though I keep them in hand. *Thanks technology!* With taking a distance from evil city, I have found so much in me. Which are the friends that I really need, who are family for life, and what's good about life itself.

Surprisingly I've started to jump in to the sports again. What a long year back there kept me away from fit and health. I drink much less alchohol, I eat much more fruits and veggies. I loved even more, by human and nature.

Then I truly believe, what made me in hard situation was my self. I am in progress to allow none that toxicating my life too much and welcome that infused me with greatness.

So I would like to share some resolutions of mine in 2015. It also helps to remind me what my goals are. *grin*

* Stay fit and healthy with exercises and better food
* Drink alchohol occasionally only!
* Read more and more and more
* Hate less, angry less, more understanding
* Travel often!
* Education controlled
* Create much more than ever!
* Be grateful always each day

So what about you? Well I keep mine short and no more Long list however its not as easy as it sounds. Although I will stay holding on "Do whatever you like and fuck people" it means I don't give a damn to anyone's opinion. I control my life. I don't need anybody to validate my existence and quality of life. Here is my thankfulness of day 8 in 2015. #365daysofhappiness. May all the peace be with you and me always.

Ketty xxx

Wednesday, December 10, 2014


I woke up in the noise of high school kiddos who were excited with their study tour. Reminds me of how noisy I was in the past. Nice thing for sure to live in a hotel, I have got the chance to meet many people in daily dose.

Do you know what best to be grateful for? When you love yourself much and respect yourself very well, you will finally realized how much you are loved by others.

The best thing I always feel lucky for is that I can send all my gratitude to the Lord for my life. Never been better. To acknowledge that I have more than much to cherish and so lucky my life is.

I tend to eliminate people who are toxic for me from my amazing life. Sometime they appear to give me a lesson, that in life, you have to be brave to choose what is good and right for you. Even the hardest thing about it is hurting people.

I mean, dont you feel hurt by your ego when someone refuse to have you in their life even just as a friend? Well been there done that. I might hurt many people already, but everything happens for a reason. What would I keep them in my life when they give me none but heartache and troubles.

I often got text from unknown people or people who mistaken my friendliness to something else. Made theirselves pushy and fussy towards me. I find that annoying and even motivate me more to keep them away. Then they call me arrogant. Who cares? I dont. All I care is my self. Selfish as it sounds, but somehow it's right. You cant please everybody.

Life is a bitch, but it keeps me wonder about what I can experience more and what I can be thankful for at the end of the day.

Love yourself and the love you seek will come to you. Yippy!!!

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Bali, my new home

Yes everybody, finally the will that had been grew since early of this year is happening. I moved to Bali. Exactly last week, i left my job and hopped on a plane then here I am. Nothing much going on yet here.

I still trying to adapting with the people, environment and the culture. As we know, the holy island has been the destination for tourism since long ago. So many things have changed. Not entirely make me happy though.

Cool thing, Bali has a high way above the sea water next to the airport. So when you crossing the highway you may enjoy the view landing airplanes.

Many good food and nice cafes. One thing I hate is the awful drivers here. Well, I don't say it's worse than Jakartans. However, they actually have to learn again the ethics in driving. Especially the tourists that bravely drive the motorbike. I mean just because it's so easy, doesn't me you can drive as you like. Hello, there are rules to be obey, kiddos!

I kinda miss the old Bali I used to love deeply. Not too much hotels, not so busy, free from traffic.

Change the topic, anyways, finally after a year, I started doing yoga again!! Felt so damn great! I came all the way by myself. Awkward. Though at the end it was very nice. And I'm doing it again tomorrow for sure.

Moving here change my way of thinking somehow. I'm finding the best lifestyle to fit the goals I have and enjoying the days I have been offered to.

I miss Jakarta, I miss all my friends. But it has to be done. What if I'm getting married in the near future? Lol.

One thing for sure, I gotta be the boat for my own self from now on. Forget about working as an employee. I lobe doing what my project is on my hand now. Will blast is in a short time. Gather the materials now. Oh I love all my extreme decision. 😘😘😘

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Today's gratitude

Oh darling, afraid none to what might go and come. Be grateful that bad things have gone and now the right things start to filling. :)

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Leaving something that I wanted and chase what I deserve

Something that feels good temporarily or toxicating at deep has no bad appearance at first. Then when you go through you feel the uncomfortable tingling that lingers stronger by the time. Let it flows and live with it, however, that would be not right. We could not just go with it but fight it and change it. Now, today I'm sure a massive change is necessary. I would twist my journey. I may not in great situation over all, though I can find a little lit of my peace. The peace within my soul which has been hidden for long.

I do hurt somebody. Or even more than a person.I wont run and bail, although, I couldnt be blamed. Do you know that sometimes we can't force the thing that has been born that way? I feel the guilt of hurting even as mean as i am, I don't really bothered. You know I've been hurt and I defeated it. No matter how hard, the best revenge is being a better one.

I am a super spoiled lady that likes to messing around. Isn't it clear that no one has to rely on me personally? I don't like to be pilot, I like to be the planner and navigator. Ah, do I chose the right analogy? I am sorry, I really am. But would you consider the reason why? I don't deserve to be harassed in the way that you saw. I don't deserve to go thousand miles that only leads me to a misery. I born from a mother that could shine so damn bright even covered in the dust. I don't need it, to be wasted in euphoria that dragged me down.

I've got to go. I've got to live my own life with no shame. Yes, i have to admit, again, I secretly ashamed with what happened between us. I deserve better. As bitch as I am, you can't mess it up, no more.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Life is a bitch!

Live the life as we want to...

Came the point where I urged myself not to stay how I was. That was my birthday. The turning point where I decided that I have to concern more seriously to my life. I was too playful, defensive, and idealist. I want people to accept me as I am nonetheless. However in real fucking life, I've got to learn, whatever that sounds so good entails a massive sacrifices.

Here I am now. Deadly trying to be someone my people want me to be. Cut off a lots of hang outs, avoiding drinking often, working seriously and continuoing my study. I directly said yes. It sounds terribly awesome. Not in practical experience though.

I dont want to go back to my old self, but I need to hold myself not to be driven by what people want from me. I may not as good as I seem to at first, but then I might think I am not so good myself. Today, I dont want to blame anyone or anything.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Oktoberfest at Paulaner Braühaus, Jakarta.

Germany has a special festival for all beer lovers in October, it's called Oktoberfest, where all the people drinking beer like no tomorrow. Unlike years ago, i usually celebrate it in different bars. Jakarta will never miss this kind of event. Many places have various kind of promo.

This year, Oktoberfest started early. I joined the celebration at Paulaner Braühaus, Grand Indonesia-Kempinski, Jakarta. They held the week full of craziness. As the opening date on Wednesday 24th September, my friends and I got the invitations. The crowd was incredible! 

We got the table straight in front the stage.
The beer was teriffic! I am a fan of Paulaner, the beer was always great, and this one was much more awesome. Besides this special free flow beer, the food was super! You know how amazing the pork knee? Wordless!

Paulaner also entertained us with a special Bavarian band. The performance was fun. We also taught the traditional dance. This was an amazing moment to remember. Beer competition was an ace too! Unfortunately we drank not fast enough too win. 2 seconds slower . 2 seconds for the sake of beer!

Thanks Paulaner Braühaus for the experience, the laughs, and the joy. Absolutely happy to be the part of it. And you know, you guys are allowed to be jealous! 