Monday, November 2, 2015

Don't follow Indonesian "idea" of wedding

As a newly wed, many friends started to asking how was it, how was the wedding went, the budget and so on. Typical Indonesian, dreaming about getting married but somehow terrified with wedding cost. It is a common matter that bothers.

As we know, Indonesian people have crazy tradition with wedding. Apart from culture ceremonies that every ethnic has, but the excessive guests should be invited. That equal with enormous amount of money that not every one that getting married has. Bullshit thing Indonesian keeps actually.

The fact is, the couple who held the wedding don't have that much friends to be invited, those invitations go to parents' friend that they don't really know, siblings' friends that they barely seen, and extended family they barely even remember whom. Hundreds to thousands of people have to be invited.

Such a weighing burden isnt it? The wedding itself can cost hundreds million rupiah for only few hours rent of the venue and food. They have to spending money that they dont have to people they dont know for a moment they do not enjoy.

I am happy that my wedding was enjoyable and beautiful. Simple. 100 invitations for family and close friends only. Well my family is already took 30% of the invitation lol.

It was so simple so hours just passed unconciously. We can spent time with all the guests. Enjoying the food, even the drinks warmed the crowd up. Need nothing more really. Money spent? Not much. Well not much also because of all friends that involved in helping us to made that happen.

So yeah, I realized now and the future wedding couples should also do realized that the life after wedding event is event more precious and harder and need more money. So stop wasting money that you dont have for bullshit. Make it exclusive with only dear ones that attend and save your years from that debt!

Oh yeah I have some thoughts going on on my mind from yesterday conversation with good fellas. Though Im not gonna share it now. So yeah, just think about it, your wedding suppose to be the best day of your journey with your spouse not the day that wrecking your future. We have to keep what necessary from Indonesia, not the silly ideas of ideal.

You would understand. 😉

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  1. Kettyyy, congratulation for your baby born! Have FUN ��