Monday, July 13, 2015

Dear Mom that gone

Once I was really obsessive about reaching everything I think is good. Once I was full of bullshit dreams. Once she believed that I can...

If one ever asked me, who is my truly inspiration all my life, no doubt only one person comes up. Mother of mine. She had every reason to be admired by almost everyone.

Kind hearted and young spirited, basically draw her up. She is everything I needed. If you ever wonder why I could be who I am right now, then she is the answer.

She never said no for every impossible dreams I had. She never ever said dont to every exploration I did. She never said she was disappointed by me. And she trust each story that I told even once it sounded like bulls. Cause she knew I would never hurt her with lies.

Exactly this date four years ago, she was gone forever. Phisically. Burried and stop breathing. Even at heart I always know she is close, she is still missed. For this four terribly hard years without her, only me grieving like no others would ever know.

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