Saturday, April 4, 2015

easter morning

Sometimes I wonder, if you ever thought that I'm worse than the past you have. I dont like to compare my self but, it is one of a measure thing for me. It hurts, when silence occured but did you get the message.

I always am complicated as a human being. None says its different. I feel and experience beyon what you can control. I manage to appear fine, for most of the time I'm struggling to fight myself. O dont think I could explain.

That costs me nothing but realization that losing you would be the deepest heartache that could possibly happens. Though I always taught and make sure to my self that I can survive on my own. I've done that for few years, I could do it more and longer.

As a person that people describe as helpless romantic I found myself that kinda annoying at times. That mixed with a stubborn one inside. Why are we trying to hurting when all we means just seeking for attention. Or dont you get it? You treat me sweetly I'll be a sugar, you mock at me, I'd be a rock, you treat me bad then I'd kill heaven for you. I know it sounds harsh, and it's not the kind of peace I usually earned in discomfort situation.

One day we will talk about it, hopefully. Otherwise silence will always win. Hobbah!

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