Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Forest Fires in Indonesia

Indonesia covered by smoke from forest fires. Many ecosystem have been destroyed for limited interest. The smoke is so thick to let people see the sun nor breath. Ironic.

As a person that not even touched by the smoke nor the fire, I supposed to be clueless how it feels to be citizen in those areas. People are bragging and ranting about it on social media more often than they educate themselves with the fact. They blame the government for not making it as a National Disaster. They blame the President of Republic Indonesia for this to happened. What a stupid thing to do, really.

It is so obvious that the cause of forest fires wasn't the president. It is done by irresponsible companies whom want to taking advantage for their own benefits. As if it becomes National Disaster then those people who responsible for this to occurred would go free without paying any penny to fix it. And the country does the responsibility. Not fair? We lost!

Then rather being stupid and complaining about it, blaming the government and president for this, and making lunatic comments about things you have no idea about, do some action! We know it all! Action speaks louder!

I really hope that you, people, stop being dumb and make a change. Push those people who burn our forest to turn in to the police and pay for the loss. Support the president to do what he has to do. Pray and apologize for what you've said and done. Help the victim even only small coins you can give. Help them!

I am concern and sad about this issue, but I refuse to be stupid and dumb.

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