Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Knows love

Often people were asking me the same question, "What makes you love him?" Or "How could you know when you love someone?" Or "what are the reasons you love him?"

How would I explain to people about something that eyes can't see, ears can't hear, bodies can't feel?

"What makes you love him?"
I have no idea, I guess. I had no intention nor thoughts that I would be this far. What I knew I'm hurt when he's hurt. I cry myself when he cries. I smile when I see his smile.

How could I know when I love someone? I never know, I suppose. But about him, he never leave nor I ever leave. He doesn't add any wasted drama to my days. He cares about me more than he cares about himself. He feels the pain that I feel.

What are the reasons? I even be more clueless. Why do we have a reason to just love?

I don't love someone because of money or wealth, though I would not date anyone that can not lift up to my standard. It's not because I don't accept people for who they are, but how could you guarantee that he understands what I need and make sure my Wellness when he doesn't even able to take care of himself. You couldn't love anyone well if you don't love your self as well, right?

I don't love someone because his looks. Looks have expiration date then it won't matters. Although before it reaches the expiration it could hurt. As long as I feel comfortable to stare at him and enjoy the view, that is enough.

I don't love someone because his status at work, who cares! I have dated an ordinary staff to the boss of the boss. It doesn't fulfill what I need. Then it doesn't even matter at all.

You know, when you love someone, you have to be ready. Ready to lose a part of life that you have fought for. Ready to be a new you in good or bad process that may happen. You will know that you gonna lose and win at the same moment.

You know that you love someone when you can love yourself as much as you love others.

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