Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Friendship now and then

How funny life could be. The only thing matter most is time. Time teach us, punish us, heal us, also test us. Then, it just about how we react and act towards it.

So, I've just had a coffee time with Gevi and Inna. Two girls that went through alot with me. My best friends. Hopefully forever. After such a drama to just made an appointment to meet. It was a lovely one! As always...

It brought us to a point to realized, how time flies without we considering it. It is quite beautiful, you know, to knowing that you have people you comfort with grow old with you, for better for worse.

It flew me to the moon, watching the silent memories movie that playing around in my head. How we used to talked, what we did, what made us happy, the arguments, upset moments, the victories, glorious time. Oh my gosh, too much things to mention.

I'm just grateful for the time I have now. Although so much unsatisfied things that push me to bring back the evil spirit again. However it just a part of memories that is the farthest from present.

Happy to have them, best friends, in my life. And inna is aproaching her due date in two months! Am excited! We would be a rock mothers gang in the future. For sure.

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