Thursday, June 21, 2012

Welcoming Dinner Djarum Indonesia Open 2012 and ME

Tuesday, 12 June 2012, Indonesia welcoming many athletes from different counties who participated in Djarum Indonesia Open 2012. Yes, that is an intenational badminton competition. Lucky, I got a responsibility to be a coordinator of LO for 12 athletes who wore Wayang custome for the welcoming dinner that day. Me and my other nine friends worked together in black blazer and (mostly) red dress.

Our responsibility was simple, but sure it was tiring. I was run from one tower to another tower with a loose 12 cm heels. Yea, congratulation for me. Glad that it went well so no complain we got.

It was precious experience where I can gathered my friends from different backgrounds into one team and we all get along very well. We were joking uncontrolably and closer. That made me so happy. We also got suling bamboe or bamboe flute, instrument from West Java, Indonesia. Although until now I cant play it hahaha.  

here is the pictures of us. I wont tell much... :p

the girls before transformation :)

Athletes' LO

Jan O'Jorgensen, Denmark Single Man player. He is super cool! We adore his tattoo :3

Yes, girls... Don't be jealous, he is LEE YONG DAE. 

Lee Yong Dae, Yuhan Tan, and Jan O'Jorgensen in wayang customes

Petya N from Bulgaria and Ashwini Polappa from India

Lianne Tan, sister from Yuhan Tan, also from Belgium.

Chris Adcock, England Double Mix Player, he is hilarious!

The males wayang entering the ball room.

Ditha, Taufik Hidayat, and me. YES! Taufik wore Gatot Kaca custome.

me tried the crown for female wayang hahaha in toilet!

When the dinner almost over, we just too tired.

Anna, Triawan, me, and Wita.
blowing kiss!

our tiring face in cheerful mood

The full team (minus Ditha) after the event

OH LOOK! How bossy i was! lol

Eja with the girls.

Tyo with the girls.

Triawan with the girls.

Bella and me

i love this one!


how complicated it was!
here is the video of the welcoming dinner. I also got framed if you can see well. hahaha.

I wish I could experience it more longer than few hours that day.
Ketty x


  1. Mission accomplished!! Ha ha ha! Foto sama uhuk.. bulenya ya.. hmmmmm...

    1. foto with?? haha what do you mean? *melotot*