Friday, July 13, 2012

Happy Birthday Gevi!!!

July 8th, Gevi, my best friend, just celebrated her 20th birthday. Yes, unfortnately she left teenage life already. So in this new age, we wishing her can reaching whatever the best for her future. And probably hoping her to meet the right guy. ;)

We went to X2 in Saturday, July 7th, counting down to to her birthday. Then did crazy thing to make it hype! We ended the party with joy. She enjoyed her birthday, so did we. I'm glad I can made many people congratulate her at that time. hihi. love you babe!!

After slice the cake :D

me with the bday girl

with british boys 

The team!

What a small world! We met Rune, National Badminton Coach from NL, and Ed.

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