Friday, October 19, 2012

A piece about you...

There is one name that always stuck in my head recently. I don't know his last name, I don't even know wether that is a real name or not, I don't care actually... I remember many little things he has done when he was around, he was very sweet, if that's enough to describe him. As simple as he sliced a bubble gum into two pieces and gave one to me. This one also being an act of tease my friends do to me when we have bubble gum. Again, that was sweet.

What makes my day full of thoughts about him is I never treated that well by any guys but him. Have you ever felt so special just with simple things someone did to you? It's not like tons of compliments, or flowers that he gave, he didn't do that. He gave me some small compliments (I prefer this way though, I'm way too hate to get sea of compliments: sounds fake.), he hold my hand in protective way, and he kissed me with passion and affection. He  is a good man, I believe...

I adore him so much, maybe I like him... Maybe it just a butterfly in my stomache everytime I remember the time we spent. It was too short. No sex! Yea, fortunately, amazingly, I can keep my virginity and he also respect me and keep it. He is damn awesome. It makes me like him even more.

However, I'm starting to lose my faith. He actually not as good as I ever thought. He broke me. I know that he doesn't feel the same way like I do. But he shouldn't act that way to runaway. He shouldn't gave me heavenly promises. If only he knew, I would never ever ask him to be my boyfriend, I would never tie him down, if only... he knows that I just want to keep in touch with him as a friend. Am I asking too much?

But then, there's no use to keep reminding what I really want. He is gone, maybe forever. What I need to do is just let him go, maybe if we are funnily lucky, we will meet again somewhere. I need to admit, he gave me a lot in only few hours. At least I know how it feels to be special, and I felt what every girl wants to feel. Let me stay true to my self, this is his loss. He maybe doesn't know that he just losing a good friend like me. Or maybe he loses his chance to get to know how awesome I am. Ha ha ha.

Well, because I want to and I havent done it, with this post I wanna say thank you to you, Canadian man! Ha ha ha, it was a pleasure to spent a lil time with ya! 

Meanwhile, let me enjoy this few moments when you're still stuck on my mind. Somehow, you'll ever miss me, you know, don't be afraid to say hi. Time will change a lot of things, I suppose. And I might say, you're gonna miss me... Like what Andy Grammer says in his song. 

So this is a piece of me that I share again after a long time.
May you all always inspired by every little things and stay grateful.
Heaps of love from your frontal blogger,

Ketty Tressianah 

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