Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Bitter Fling

It was perfect night in a good summer
A glass of vodka mixed brought us to a kiss
The conversation that went so short but opened up ourselves
Took us on a hot dance 
Turned the desire up on the sands
Under the pretty full moon,
You said that you are attracted to me

How could I ever forget the warmth when I'm with you
Sweet kisses and tight hugs after midnight
The way you hold my hands and look straight into my eyes
You erased all the doubts I built to protect my self
You treated me like a queen

This is the worst feeling I've ever felt
You made me hoping too high
You shoot me with heavenly promises
As time goes by I realized that you're left

You left me breatheless in stupidity
I was the game

Don't know what the excuses you might have
Don't care the logic you try to shape
You break my trust
I never expect that you run from nothing
Because I actually think it was a fling
Something nice to remember
And we could be friends

This piece of writing is about my holiday in Bali 2012
27 Aug - 4 Sept. It was awesome and insane, but this person just had me at hello.

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