Sunday, December 12, 2010

Tot Ziens S1-21!

Hello allemaal, so happy i have a little spare time to post something. hihi.
Hoe gaat het met je? (How are you?)
Now, i wanna tell you guys about my class, Basis 1 - 21, atau sering di tulis S1-21 at Erasmus Taalcentrum, Jakarta.

This class started on Saturday September 25 2010, thats a lovely Saturday. Almost all chairs all full, i came lilbeat late, and shocked, the class around 18 students. The teacher first i met is Mevrouw Dini Saraswati. She is really friendly, a little short, but very warm. And i sat beside a high school girl named Bintang.

Well, i should tell, i really love this class. Alot of happiness i have with my classmates. And i have two docent, mevrouw Dini and mevrouw Ririet. Every Saturday we are headache together, laughing and joking together, crazy-ing together. We won the second place in Sint Nikolaas dag (feestvieren honestly) *taaldag* with all stupidity we did. Sinterklaas with jacket in tshirt to made fat tummy. and candies in sinterklaas hat. but we won! Watch our action in Sint Nikolaas dag.

And yesterdaay, we did the final exam for level 1. Hope it will give us the best. Tuesday or Wednesday, maybe we could see the resut on web. Nervous.
And so sad, we need to say goodbye to Basis S1-21, hopefully we will be together in S2 next year, January 2011 :P

This is my classmates : Ovi, Bintang, Sagita, Shinta, Rachma, Melinda, Dina, Cynthia, Lia, Bu Anita, Hanna, Suhana, Pak Rocky, Pak Dudi, Sofyan, Ridwan, Bimo, and Yoseph. Teachers : mevrouw Dini Saraswati and Mevrouw Ririet Triaswarin.

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