Friday, December 10, 2010

Boots and me

I really love boots!
Boots is one of my favorite kind of shoes.
Of course because it able to use in any situations.
And also because boots will keep you warm.
And dont forget, boots is so easy to match with anything!
Only with one boots your fashion will be so much different.

And now, im in confused, which boots will be mine?
He he he. I should choose one of them, but... you know its hard!!!
So fellas, if you have any opinion feel free to tell me, which one suits to me.

Regards, with so much loves
Ketty Tressianah

1 comment:

  1. Yang merah (gbr paling bwh) bagus tuh,Ket. btw kalo ada di indo boots kayak gitu kasih tau gw ya.he he he