Thursday, December 16, 2010

Groningen, I'm coming!!

Hey folks, I feel so happy since yesterday. Why? Because i've been accepted in Hanze University of Applied Sciences, Groningen, Netherlands. With International Communication as my major. Finally after more than 2 months i've got the result. Yaaaay. And do you know why im very happy? Because I fell in love already with the city and of course the university. And i'd love to introduce the crowded students city, Groningen. Enjoy!

And this is my university, Hanze!
It's the central station of groningen

Oh my God! They've this thing too. kill me!

This is another univ in Groningen, University of Groningen.

Grootemarkt :)

Are you guys agree with me? The city in north Netherlands, Groningen, also called the city which never sleep. Haha but, jakarta is more hectic than anycity in Netherlands. haha.
Well, i hope i will go to there on August 2011. :)


  1. Wah, asik banget! Nanti kegiatan belajarnya pake bahasa Inggris atau bahasa Belanda?

  2. Fortunately in english. he he he.
    Bisa mati sambil salto terhuyung-huyung kalau pake bahasa Belanda. :P

  3. hi Ketty, I just read your post :)
    Coincidentally, I have been accepted in University of Groningen, and we share the same feeling, I also have fallen in love with the city ;). Thank you for sharing the nice post Ketty :)

    Dytia, Yogyakarta