Wednesday, December 29, 2010

About future...

Hi everybody, good afternoon!
Its lunch time here, and my office so scary, only 4 people here. LOL.
I cant wait for tomorrow, because i will face my lonng holiday soon!
And now, i wanna tell you guys and gals, my lovely blogreader, about my day yesterday.

December 28, 2010, again its an intake session for Hanze University at Neso Jakarta. And i went there with my friend Indah. And one boy joined us, he is Abibong, Indah's friend. We are going together. At Neso, we were looking around and read the brochures. Met Mbak Uchi, and of course the lovely one, our representative, Kak Nadia.
it is Ms Nadia

We talked alot yesterday, and laughing non stop. We talk about the procedure and all the matters, all the advantage, all the shopping thingy, etc. I dont wanna loose my chance to go there, to Netherlands. And groningen already stole my heart. *cheesy*

Me and Indah

And after that, we went to Roti Bakar Eddy to get some dinner. yeah! Then went home.

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