Monday, December 27, 2010

2011 Resolution

Hello, good morning Indonesia.
Its a lovely Sunday, isnt it? Even i still covered by sad because Indonesia Soccer Team lost from Malay with pretty significant point, i still enjoy my life.
Yeah, im not that happy today.
Well about soccer, i felt misunderstood with the handsball without any punishment, thats unfair! And the laser thingy. Well, i hate last night match. Not fair.
But with all sportiveness we admitting that we are lost on that match.

Well today should be a nice day if i could go to attend GLC meeting at Provoke, but unfortunately not. So sad. I know guys, you all miss me. LOL.

And here is the topic we will talk about, new year is coming so soon.
Its 27 already. Well 3 days remainings. Im shocked that i havent made any resolution yet. Its unusual. Well im totally shy to share this resolutions, but because im frontal, and crazy, i will do it! hahaha.

My wish for 2011 is a great new year and new happiness in life, everythings getting better and smarter. Amin.

My resolutions is...
  • Lose weight (as always)
  • Stop biting nails
  • More smarter and sweeter
  • fluently in english
  • doing more sports
  • Spend alot of times with lovely friends
  • Make film again
  • Writing alot
  • publish a book
  • study abroad
  • spread a lots of cares and loves to many people
  • More fashionable
That is it!
How about you guys?
And do u have any suggestion, which fashion blogs or webs i could visit?
thanks everyone.


Ketty Tressianah

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