Sunday, May 20, 2012

Shit to be girl in Jakarta

Living in Indonesia, especially Jakarta is fun but challenging. Since I was born, I never moved to another city or province. Well yes, I don't exactly living in central Jakarta, but Tangerang still counted as Jakarta's part though. As a girl, I always love to dress well. I love skirts and heels. I actually enjoying travel with public transportation, because I like to watch people. I can let my mind wander around while I'm in public transportation. I also able to explore my imagination in it. But being in public sometimes is not nice, especially when there are so many people from middle class to lower.

Besides that Indonesian people are judge mental *including me sometimes lol*, people like uneducated or who live under poverty line have such a rude mouths. I started to hate to live here. But somehow, I can't leave this giant city.

Just imagine, for almost 20 years, everything is closer hand, you meet the crowd like everytime, skyscraper buildings are on your left and right sides, so many malls around you, really... Metropolitan, they say. However, in this very modern and never sleep city, I feel so upset, disappointed, frightened, annoyed by my people *Indonesian-red*.

One thing that I experience every single day is people whistling at you, saying shits like "miss, you are so sexy", verbal sexual harassment , or judge you wildly. That's happen... all the time. I sometimes burnt in anger, want to hit them with a huge stone, or shoot them with a gun, but I have no power. Am not able to saying rude words either, i dont want to provocate. It just shit.

This is happened again to me today. I went to Kota Tua (old town) area in East Jakarta. It wasn't the first time I go there. First I arrived there, I felt so unhappy. Why? Have I told you I hate too crowded place? Then yes, there were so fucking crowded. Then I hate the clothes I wore today, It wasn't sexy buuut... a little bit see-through, so I considered that my bra were seen. I've tried to cover my front side with my hair, still though I wasn't comfortable.

They shouted shits in many ways to us. yes, I went there with Ghavio and Ed. Once said "That bule *foreigner, esp white people-red* is smart, he's got pretty girls!"(mostly bule choose maid-type of girls. doesnt mean to offend anyone but that's the fact). There also people said "miss... miss..." *neng... neng... if translated to Indonesian*, "girl with red clothes.", "mister... mister..." *calling the foreigner* or even just "Hey" but in frightening way. Tell me those are nice, then I'd shove yer throat with knife! (cruel huh?)

I dont know... It's hard to explain, it just not good. ah ya, remember one more thing. When we were in the taxi and going home, there was a middle aged woman carrying a baby, she was knocking the window. Me and Ghavio told Ed to say "No" and put a hand up to show her that we wouldnt give her money. Ed refused to do that, she didnt want to go away, so, me and Ghavio did that. You know what she said? "Bitch!" Yes, it reffers to the girls of course. Which are... me and Ghavio. What the hell is wrong with you, woman?

Well... Welcome to Jakarta! Anyway, I still love this city alot. hahaha.

Blow kiss,
keket xx

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  1. first of all, I love your experince but as you have already know that we are eastern that still have the norms which should be followed... and yet, I think we still annoyed when there are women with tanktop one or short skirt which I still dont know why.... especially when we saw them at the street or pubic transportation.....

    well, things you should to know that kotatua (old batavia) is at about West Jakarta and North Jakarta.... and for the old foreigner IMHO, they choose the exotic one not the maid-type... :) :)