Monday, May 7, 2012


Nobody is perfect...
That quote is overused until it losts it's meaning. Well... at least, for some people, it's nothing. Although, this quote is the fact that we have to admit all over again. Literally, nobody is perfect... in anyway. Sometimes, people tend to force themselves to be "perfect", which is... never exist. Change the look for hundreds or even thousand times, try too hard to be someone else just to get a label "perfect", again... which is never exist.

Everyone is always loves to look good, including my self. But... should we forget, opinion is subjective? No one has absolute opinion, that we can take for granted. People judge, indeed. But what will happen when people judging and we still do the same fool again and again? Stupid? Retard? Moron? You name it...

See, I'm just judging in the paragraph above. So, do I have the power to make my opinion, my judge, become something serious to trusted in someone's whole life? Hmm... I guess no. I don't say that my opinion is nothing, but in fact, it's not something that creates your future. Same as other people's opinion...

"We are born this way..." that's what Lady Gaga says. Logically, we're born this way is half true half wrong. For some reason, what make us like now, like me, like you, like them, is... our way of thinking. As you know, people will always judge. However, people's opinion is just opinion. We are the one who has responsibility to take it wisely. If it's a bad one, then take a look at ourselves, make a change. Take it as stepping stone to be a better us (me, you). While, if it's a good one, again, take a look at ourselves, does it a real compliment or a way to make us worse? I mean, when we are feeling too happy because of other's judgement we tend to forget who we are.

From what I've learnt so far, what make us precious as we are is our acceptance for our own selves. If you don't love yourself, how can people love you? That's make sense, somehow. When we change ourselves and labeling it by ourselves, we have to understand well what we've done, we have to understand really really well who we are and what label we can declare. Do I need to mention that when we change ourselves to be what people call "cool", "swag", or even "perfect" is something worst and the least to do?

The more you try to be "perfect", the farther you are from perfection itself.

I feel an urge to say, eventhough it's oversaid, what makes you counted are your brain, your heart, and your personality. The strong character that nobody is able to copy or deny. If you want to change yourself, don't change the look and your interest but change your way of thinking of yourself. Change your bad habits. And make sure, your change is for your own good, not for others especially others' acceptance. Because when you change your look or your interest for others, you don't rise up your pride but lowering it. The choice is yours.

Respect and love,
Ketty xxx

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