Friday, May 4, 2012

Koninginnedag / Queen's Day of Netherlands

Monday might the day when people hate to start their activities, but Monday 30 April 2012, I couldn't even wait. Koninginnedag or Queen's Day is a celebration that Dutch people do every 30 April. And for Dutch citizen who work in Indonesia, it's almost impossible to just celebrate it in their home country. So the embassy of The Netherlands create regular event every 30 April in Jakarta.

Lucky for me, I was invited to attend this event this year, after learning the language at Erasmus Taalcentrum for more than a year. I didn't know i was so happy that I got the invitation. And time is came, I asked Ghavio to accompany me. We just came like a celebrities, or only me felt so. lol. I was glad I was able to meet my course friends after passed the examination. 

Further more, in the event it self, because almost all the guests were Nederlanders and we didn't know who they are, so we were playing Dare challenge. We need to stop someone and find some information about them. Well  this event ended up so fun for me and my friends. We also met a gang of Ducth guys who just moved here for few weeks. They're fun!

If only my birthday cake was this big 

Oh two girls for one guy, he was lucky wasnt he? lol

my friends at Dutch Course + Ghavio

We were the MC of Taaldag, weren't we so pretty? *hueks*

My victim. lol. 

Ghavio liked the guy who looked like Italian hahaha

kak Maria and her husband, Pak Guru Bouma

And the gang!

A lil bit important to declare here, my dress is my own design, pretty isn't it? mwahaha. Well look ordinary from the front side but cute on the back side. While the batik I use, i've bought it in February in Bali. aaaah i miss Bali. Bring me there puhlease!

So these are few pics from Koninginnedag. Jelly? haha.

Ketty xxx

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