Sunday, May 20, 2012

Drama Queens' Time

Bestfriend forever. That's what we need in life beside love, family, and knowledge. Today is a wonderful day, i must say so because eventhough it's not the best day in my life, I got something to learn today. Have you ever upset and realized whatever you've done, and come to the conclusion that a bad thing happened was because of your own fault? That's what actually happened to me tonight.

I spent the evening with, Gevi, have I told you all about her? Well, she is my best friend. She is currently the one that updated the most about me. People started to say that "where there is Ketty then there is Ghavio (Gevi)." Ha ha ha. But, honestly, we both are scared that our friendship will be screwed. That is also the reason we try to tell the truth to each other.

Back to the main idea of this post, we've sat in Starbucks Kedoya for hours. I started to analyzing what happened in my life recently. From the ups till the downs. I, finally, learnt to accept that I did something wrong. I believe, like usual, every bad thing happens in our life is always has a good impact. I can't explain everything perfectly, not even close, not as perfect as i want. At least, I want to tell that I can let something go. Huff, we were cry at there. What is it about? Feeling? well yea sort of.

I officially by this want to ask for your (you all, people) forgiveness if I ever offending you, intimidating you with my questions, being so bossy, stubborn, arrogant, break the rules, talking too much. I may not be able to show it, but I actually love and care to you, guys. In my own way. (This post is really random and has no structure but just enjoy this) Back again to our friendship issue, haha.

Some points about us :

  • we both are... attention seekers!
Well, as the subtitle of this says, yes we both are attention seekers. But in different way. I can't really explain attention seeking style from each of us. ha ha ha.

  • we both are... DRAMA QUEENS!
I don't have to tell why, rite? We are lebay (Indonesian slang) / overdrijven (Dutch) / over reacting. We make every little thing like a big thing. haha. Maybe it's one of reasons why we are close. XD

  • we both are... like to sing.
  • we both are... love to dance.
  • etc.
Further more, came out from nowhere, i feel an urge to list what I like from my self. I don't know if it's important or not. I just want to let it out. Well you might be shocked, or annoyed. 
  1. Foto genic *This is very true! I always look good in picts, well most of the time. lol*
  2. Easy to get along with people
  3. Brave
  4. Confident *most of the time*
  5. Creative
  6. A good lovers
  7. Faithful *hahahahaha*
  8. Want to try many new things
  9. Silly
  10. Freak somehow and I love it sometimes lol
  11. Able to write well. *in Bahasa Indonesia i guess haha*
  12. Care to my friends
  13. Beautiful hair
  14. Frontal
  15. Passionate and affectionate
  16. Good in giving massage *not plus plus massage, not to tell* ;)
  17. Have a good skin tone 
  18. Not too short not too tall
  19. A fast learner
  20. Good in cooking
  21. Have heaps of experiences in life
  22. I can eat almost every food
Bzzzz... sounds boring isnt it? mwahaha. Those are some things that I like about my self. If you don't agree then fuck off. hahaha. *this is my personal blog, so I am the GOD here!* 

So... Hopefully our friendship will last forever. So does my friendship with others. I guess I'm verkouden now, so good time to end this post. 

Keket xxx

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