Friday, May 4, 2012

Thanks Ce

Become older means we need to be a better person in everyhing, somehow. We have to understand why this and that happening without blaming in the beginning. Sounds hard, isn't it? But then, as time goes by, and when we keep walking through days by days with chin up, then it doesn't even that matter.

In one year time, I've lost many precious person and things in my life. Since my mom passed away, I need to live stronger than I've had ever imagine. Not long ago, I need to stop doing what I really love to, then now, someone that had gave me alot of chances and experiences also guidance left for a better job.

She is like a sister for me. Since early 2008, first time I met her in one of big media company, we two become closer. Not that closer, not like everyday sharing all crap, no. Kind of complicated to explain. She is always support me, gives me advices that make me stronger and love my self more.

People will not find what the matter is, but it is matter for me. You know, something change. I talked to her few hours ago. She still gave me advice, she told me that I have so much in me, I need to use it wisely and positively. It, somehow, bring my self back to reality. I need to stop runaway. I need to face the life, no matter how blur my future is. I need to continue my dreams. She is able to move on, to step higher, so do I, I suppose.

Ce, thanks for everything. I'm so lucky that you are always nice and love me. I wish you all the greatest, as I said to you. You're the best. xxx


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