Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Wounds Remain

Where have you been, dear?
It is too late to apologize
The wounds that you created haven't gone anyway
Don't oh don't come again when I've just stepped out from the blue
It wasn't easy, I swear

What have you been up to, darling?
You just dumped your logic for nothing
It's your biggest loss
And you won't ever get it back
Not as it used to be, not as we used to be

Excuse me if I have my sweet words no more
I've done all my best but I can't step backwards
You, you have done it all
Just leave me alone

Maybe you are guilty and regretful and sad
But it changes nothing
Believe me I've tried to make it better
I forgive you and I don't let you be in my life again
Tell yourself, your friends, this time we just need to let it go

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