Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Sometimes we are too busy with ourselves until we are forget how precious other people are. We give thousands excuses to defend. Busy with work, busy with education, busy with business, busy with project, busy with food. But have you ever realized that time will never stop. You are always losing... continuously.

How many career ladies who take aside of their children? How many men take work to be a main reason they can't spend time with their family and listen to their wife and kids? How many children who forget that their parents already old and need their care and time even just a little every week? How many of us who left our loved ones for many other reasons?

What if we will never meet tomorrow? What if we can't hear our parents' laugh anymore? What if your children feel like they got no love from you? What if your girlfriend / boyfriend is hurted and eventually feel nothing for you? Could you live alone?

It is not gonna be that hard. TRY! Try to manage your time. A simple sweet message maybe only take 2 minutes but it means more than a diamond. You'll never know, until when you can see them around. Or you'll never know until when you can smile just because you feel the warm.

TIME is priceless. You knew it, but do you realized and do something because of it? Have you?! As you know, regret will always come late. Break ourseleves from within. Laugh on our suffer. Life is not about perfection, it is about moment.

Victim of time


  1. alamak, dalem ya. Rasanya menusuk kalbu gue dari yang paling dalam. *Halah

    Selama ini gue ngerasa gue udah mentingin waktu cuma buat gue aja...

    1. Ehm kalo yang itu no comment ah hahahaha. Sejujurnya Ezperanza, kau memang agak sedikit pelit berbagi waktu dengan yang lain selain dengan Darren Chris! :p

    2. Darren Criss dan Gabe Bondoc. I need to get a life. Hahahah