Tuesday, March 13, 2012


It is a gloomy Tuesday. I was wake up at first at 5.23 am but then I fell asleep again until midday. Such a damn sleep. But when I woke up, I've got people that sometimes I forgot I have, sent me a smile, sent me a advices, a care. Simply smile that I can't hide. How thankful I am. I mignt not have no parents around but then I still have people that care to me, either I ask or not. I may not focus on them everytime, but that's the art of happiness. They'll come when needed, considered or not. I suddenly feel a need to say, show, and express how grateful I am to be me. There are ones will help me get through bad or good. It's a game of point of view.

Sometimes we just to full of ourselves and focus on people who don't pay attention that much to us. And in the end we just realized, people who care to us are people whom we don't pay attention at. Seems not fair, isn't it?
However, there's no point thinking about the facts that bring us onto upset and frustration. Put a sincere smile and your day gonna be blessed. Also remember, by giving away a little care could make someone's day up. So where do you want to stand?

feeling so grateful,
Ketty :)

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