Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Relationship without relationship

Have you ever experienced it? I have. Maybe this is my weakness, fall for someone abit too easy. Oh well, quite easy. I don't fall for someone super handsome, or super rich, hell no! Just an ordinary with many extraordinary sides of him. cliche.

BUT, being in a relationship without any status, or relationship without relationship, is pretty sucks. I sometimes think that he likes me, but then he seems not. At another time, he seems like me, but then he disappeared. How could I feel fine like that?

I really want to hear a statement that stops my prejudices. I don't want to always guessing about what the heck is in his mind. It is definately tiring. Hundred percent! It also drives me insane, I don't know how to react or talk or treat him just because he is ultimately confusing. ha ha ha. Drama, is it?

What should I do? I have no fucking idea how to solve this kind of feeling or relationship. Does he love me? Doesn't he love me? Does he like me? Does he? Well. I don't know.

Love with confusion,

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