Saturday, September 27, 2014

Oktoberfest at Paulaner Braühaus, Jakarta.

Germany has a special festival for all beer lovers in October, it's called Oktoberfest, where all the people drinking beer like no tomorrow. Unlike years ago, i usually celebrate it in different bars. Jakarta will never miss this kind of event. Many places have various kind of promo.

This year, Oktoberfest started early. I joined the celebration at Paulaner Braühaus, Grand Indonesia-Kempinski, Jakarta. They held the week full of craziness. As the opening date on Wednesday 24th September, my friends and I got the invitations. The crowd was incredible! 

We got the table straight in front the stage.
The beer was teriffic! I am a fan of Paulaner, the beer was always great, and this one was much more awesome. Besides this special free flow beer, the food was super! You know how amazing the pork knee? Wordless!

Paulaner also entertained us with a special Bavarian band. The performance was fun. We also taught the traditional dance. This was an amazing moment to remember. Beer competition was an ace too! Unfortunately we drank not fast enough too win. 2 seconds slower . 2 seconds for the sake of beer!

Thanks Paulaner Braühaus for the experience, the laughs, and the joy. Absolutely happy to be the part of it. And you know, you guys are allowed to be jealous! 

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