Friday, July 25, 2014

Smoking kills your noseyness

Tell me that you are right, when you interfere my privacy, it tells more about you rather than about me. No, I dont want to be a coward that ranting around on the back, however it such a waste to deliver the fact directly to the face.

Yes, I smoke and so what? I know it's dangerous and bad for health, though it doesnt change me as a person to be a bad one. Judge me, you'll get burn by your own fire game.

You may or may not like me as I am, this is how I am, and I would never change to be like what you want, cause when I change, I change to be a better me in my way.

Why is it becomes your problem when I don't even smoke infront of your face and burst the smokes to you? Is it a big matter to you if a woman smokes? Then think again if you ready to face the world with all the changes and globalization. There is a women empowerment movement where women have the rights to get equalization in life. Both in education and morally. 

Yes we live in a patriarch country. However, it's not right if men can smoke and women can't. You judge because you can't? HAHA, jealousy! I never bother your personal life so don't even think to bother mine. 

Boom! Just because you're comfort in the zone doesn't mean you always right. Don't mistake my seemed-ignorant-and-clumsy self with my intelligence and moral. My attitude to you is base on yours to me. 

I have my rules, and it lives as it is. It adapts well generically but not changed to only fit the society. I would not put my face for bargain. oh la la. Kinda emotional but just saying and no offense. *even i know its offending* 

If you have a problem with me, talk to me nicely and wisely then you may get the solution. If you are not fair and brave enough to talk to me in front of me and be wise, idgaf. xoxo

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