Sunday, December 29, 2013

The greatest memory about you

When my friends talking about how their men treat them, I feel the luckiest. Over all those men, the one that stuck in my mind is the best ever and he treated me so damn well ever. Everyone gets jealous when they listened to my story. Sucks that he isn't around  Thank God for brought a decent man like him into my life. but I dont know how to let him know that he is special for me. I wish I could get rid of him since i dont know what he thinks and feels about me, but unfortunately I couldnt, I dont want actually. Even what I have only memories, but my heart is still singing his name. I really hope that there's a moment when I can feel him around my body. Hugging me and kissing me like nothing else matters. Let's universe creates the conspiracy to bring us together in serendipity. I miss him. <3 p="">

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