Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Welcome to Jakarta, Wesley!


He is a man from The Netherlands who works as a sailor and aged 22. HAHA! Would you believe it? Nah, that's not 100% true, yes he is from The Netherlands which is Dutch! he is a sailor indeed (LOL) well looks like so. Turned out to be 26 years old but looks even younger than me T_T, here it is; WESLEY!

This is the first time he comes to Indonesia, even Asia. He landed on 20th June, Thursday. Such a fun person to be around. And these pictures taken 3 hours before he left Jakarta on June 24th. He goes to Jogjakarta, Malang, then Bali. I've showed him around Jakarta and Bandung. 3 nights full of parties and enjoyed the forest. Was so fun!

Welcome to Indonesia and enjoy your holiday.

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