Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Is it the way to treat your best friend?

Best friends.
People that you care about and enjoy the company. People that you always find in happy and sad situations. People that you can rely on. People that know you and won't judge. Important to have, right?

But... What if you were me, your best friend for years, just find you if she/he needs your help. Not even bother to reply your text/call, meet up, or even worse not bother to listen and update. Is he/she still worth to keep as a best friend?

I mean... I understand that we can't always together all fucking time, but that's not the right way to treat you best friend, right? Well so many people (friends) find one or another when they need something only, that's normal. But... again, if the one who treated you that way is your best friend, I guess she/he is no longer best friend.

Life is tough, no? Someone is come and go from our life. They fullfil one aspect then leave another aspect missing. Crazy!

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