Friday, June 28, 2013

Chasing the Vesak, Borobudur, Yogyakarta.

I always love D.I.Y. Yogyakarta. A simple city in the central of Java that always offers me different enjoyment for every visit. From culinair, craft, girl's accesories, culture, to modern night life. I am sumatrina, or that's how I call my self. My parents are from North and South Sumatra, so my blood is truly sumatran. Even so, each time I step my foot in Yogyakarta, automatically I do stupid thing; attempt to speak Javanese. For holy's sake, I don't even be able to create one fully sentence in proper Javanese, but I always (guaranteed) do that.

This trip was super spontaneous. Honestly, I have heard and knew about this huge celebration of Vesak in Borobudur temple since January. I was doubting the idea to go because I wanted to go with my (ex)boyfriend who has unpredictable schedule. Good for me, we broke up so I did it. I took last minute trip that posted on and finally made it. Until now, I still amazed I did it though.

We left Jakarta with a small group of backpackers (us), only six of us; Gita (The awesome organizer), Vario, Roni, Nuke, Vy (she is Vietnamese!) and me. We just met that day and blended perfectly. We took a bus ride with only USD17 from Terminal Rawamangun to Borobudur complex in Magelang. We left at 5 pm and arrived at 6 am. Yes, long ride wasn't it? Don't ask! The toilet inside  the bus was awful. I swear to God if I can pee-ing in a bottle without making a mess and dirty I would.

However, that was nothing. We hopped into a small pick up car that functioned as public transportation call angkot to reach Mendut temple. Why not directly to Borobudur? Because we wanted to follow the ceremony. Soon as we saw the Mendut temple (that turned out to be small and not complete anymore) we rushed into toilet. Short shower, make up, changing clothes, we were then ready to hit the bitch, ups ceremony I mean. Yes! Yessss! I wore sarung! No, it's not sewed. How I did it? simple tie and knot, that's all. Awesome? I knew, thanks!

Lucky we have our lovely organizer, Gita, we got participant ID from this Buddhist community organizer. Whoop whoop! The ceremony went so damn long. So we decided to fly to Borobudur temple even the ceremony in Mendut had not finished yet. We ate our lunch in foodstall area in Borobudur. Next to our table, sat French couple, Florian and Anh-Thu. Well yea, she is Vietnamese that born and raised in France. When the street musicians came, I shouted the idea to dance. Then there we were, dancing in their dangdut pop songs altogether. Becouse of that, Vario still hates the dance. hahaha. We enjoyed it so fucking much though, even Anh-Thu joined us. See, you shitty man (nick name for Vario), we loved it! lol:P

The main event supposed to be 1000 lanterns released, unfortunately, due to damn bad weather (heavy rain all night long) it was cancelled. I got sick that time. So we crashed into Daniel's house. Daniel is a friend of Vario's friend. Nice house and we slept perfectly well, bunch of thanks for you mas Daniel! Before we hit the bed we went out for food though. I took rabbit rica-rica. Exactly rabbit!

The next day, which is Sunday, we headed to Malioboro (centre of Yogyakarta) for a little shopping. Guess who got crazy there? Yep, me and Vy. We bought alot of accesories. Totally loved 'em. Before I raped the market, we went for Gudeg Yu Djum first and had the best brunch evaaaaah! After my shopping time, we took a delman (carriage with horse) ride. It was awesoooome! 6 of us fitted into one small delman. hahaha. I bet the horse collapse when we step out.

Sadly we had to leave and say good bye. Then jumped to this safari bus again. Uh la la la... We left at 5pm and arrived in Jakarta at 11 am. Perfecto! Blame the traffic jam!!!!! Ha ha ha ha.

This wonderful picture taken by Tran Nga Vy, she is awesome. This is the teaser of our crazy trip. hahaha

I have to say sorry because I don't write the exciting part because 1) I'm tired and sleepy 2)I prefer showing the pictures but badly I took videos only. So just enjoy this rubbish travel post. Ha ha ha. Mean? You bet! Wanna know more? Get me a chocolate fiiiirst!

happy bitching, bitches! xxxxx

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