Saturday, March 9, 2013

Sneak Peek about 'him' ;p

People are more curious than ever now. The same questions are asked. "Who is he?", "Where is he from?", "What does he do for a living?", SOOO? Don't expect me to answer here, buddy! hahaha. If i answer them here that's gonna be easy to be blown up news. haha.

Well there you go some info that maybe i can share. He is not Indonesian, obviously, and older than me ;p also not reside in Jakarta. So that what you got about his background.

Some of my friends know about AJL (yes, his initial) him a lot. We met in jakarta last year. I like him alot now, he is very funny and comfort me. It's like emotionally connected (maybe haha). I really couldn't describe anything because I feel the urge to enjoy it and make it abit private for a little longer than now. Maybe later I'll write more about him.

Or let say, frankly, I can only write when I feel sad, bad moods, broken, or hopeless. hahahhaa. sucks. I can make you guys jealous with my picts here hhihihi. Enjooooy.


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