Friday, March 1, 2013

Hello March

Holla voila fellas,
I don't know how long I've been avoiding this, I miss to update this blog.
So here it is, I have to say I am good, generally. Still be able to sing, dance, and smile.
Importantly, I'm still able to eat good food! Ha ha ha.
Life is been a cunt but then, this shall too pass. However, I have a lot of things to update.

I don't feel really well at the moment, but fuck it, I want to post something. hahaha.
Today is Friday. It supposed to be a good day for me, but it's not so bad. I had only 3 hours sleep, which is soooooo little *dont ask why!* and catch a cold. I woke up with an ache along my back till waist (i must be slept in weird positions) as the result i have a bad mood for the whole day. Plus mixed up feeling.

But luckily, I was accompanied by two lovely girls: Felice and Astri, so I didn't being a whiner the whole day. And we made some webcam picts. Some are cute and fun. Some are just normal. But we liked them though.
I have to be grateful because I had nasi uduk and soto lamongan (both were delicious), spent time with two best friends, wrote my diary, and got abit attention from some friends because I'm not well. Well who doesn't love to be cared? So thanks God for those beautiful things. <3 p="">
You know what? I feel that I lost my self somehow. I don't know what's the cause, but I feel like I Lost my sparks, my spirit, even my smile. This is awful. Gonna fix this bad soooooon! I hope. Well, any tips? No, nevermind. hahaha. I need to get used to again with blogging in here. I kinda miss the moments when I can share many moments with my frontality. I knooooow! I'm not a teenage girl anymore, but that was fun though!!! I wasn't care about what people think, I just post whatever I think. hahahhaha. Seems like I need to deal with reality. I need to accept that I'm going 21!! WTF duuuudeeeee. I'm ooooollllldddddd. haha.

Aaaah, I'm going to be cheesy this time. Welcome MARCH! Be a good month, otherwise I'll cut you into pieces! *Hold a sword*

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